Apple prepares for the next generation of Siri

“For all its promise and promotion, Apple’s Siri voice-powered personal assistant hasn’t lived up to its full potential since it was first introduced as a key selling point for its iPhone 4s in 2011,” Andrew Tonner writes for The Motley Fool. “That could be about to change.”

“Apple has begun assembling its own in-house team to totally overhaul its voice assistant software and bring Siri up to snuff,” Tonner writes. “Major tech names like Microsoft, Google, and IBM have managed to make significant improvements to their various voice-powered software offerings in recent years by leaning on a system of speech recognition known as neural network algorithms. At a very high level, these kinds of algorithms attempt to mimic the way human’s also slowly learn and understand languages as more words are gradually added to a database of words.”

“According to a recent story in Wired, Apple is well under way in aggressively building out its own in-house speech recognition software team with deep expertise in — you guessed it — neural network algorithms,” Tonner writes. “Apple has been hiring away speech recognition workers from the likes of Microsoft and Nuance Communications at all levels of seniority from researchers to managers in a bid to bring Siri to the next level.”

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    1. Well Apple has been adding all sorts of people and skills to the iWatch team but that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting one this autumn. In fact that generally happens at Apple within 12 months before a launch.

  1. I just don’t want to talk to my phone, regardless of how good the results.
    “siri, can I type my question?”
    “I’m not sure if you can or not”
    Either you can’t or Siri isn’t confident in my ability to do so.

    1. “siri, CAN I type my question?”…… Siri’s response seems appropriate. How does Siri know whether you are capable of typing? Perhaps you should have asked her, “MAY I type my question?”

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