Credit Suisse expects Apple to move quickly to integrate Beats

“Apple Inc. is likely to move quickly to integrate Beats into its ecosystem to mitigate the risk of a saturated digital music download market, according to analysts at Credit Suisse,” Sue Chang reports for MarketWatch.

“Beats is also a core part of Apple’s strategy to bolster its presence in the music subscription market,” Chang reports. “‘With iTunes stores in 123 countries, 425 retail stores, App stores in 155 countries and an army of 800 [million] users, Apple could very quickly scale a music streaming service, given its existing reach and music deals,’ said analyst Kulbinder Garcha in a report.”

Full article here.

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  1. Thanks for the brilliant insight, Credit Suisse. Personally, I had thought that after spending that vast amount of money, they’d put it on the back burner and get around to it maybe a few years from now, when they didn’t have anything else to do for a few months. /s

    (These people get paid for this!?)

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