Amazon shows ‘Fire Phone’ with 4.7-inch ‘3-D’ display to court mobile shoppers

“More than seven years after Apple introduced the iPhone, Amazon unveiled the Fire Phone, its first foray into the smartphone market Wednesday at an event in Seattle hosted by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos,” The Chicago Tribune reports.

“It has 4.7-inch HD display, a quad-core 2.2GHz processor and 2GB RAM. It also has a 13 megapixel rear-facing camera with f/2.0 lens,” The Trib reports. “The Fire Phone also featuers a rubberized frame, Gorilla Glass on both sides, CNC aluminum buttons. polished button chamfers.”

The Trib reports, “By introducing a handset, Amazon could more directly push access to its online store, or digital content like music, movies and games, to consumers.”

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds up the new Amazon Fire Phone at a launch event on June 18, 2014, in Seattle. (photo: Ted S. Warren—AP)
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds up the new Amazon Fire Phone at a launch event on June 18, 2014, in Seattle. (photo: Ted S. Warren—AP)

“As expected, the device features the much rumored a 3D display,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Amazon released a video teasing the ‘amazing’ device earlier this month, showing customers reacting to the 3D display and how it moved with them. It remains to be seen how many people want a phone with a 3D display, however, especially with previous 3D Android devices never catching on.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Meh. Seven years for that?

So, who can’t wait to trade over 1.5 million apps for 23 that have been ported from iOS to yet another forked Android device?

Hello? Anybody? Pfft.

Just like Google, Amazon is focused on selling other things (content and products for Amazon, ads for Google), not on delighting the user.

Oh, BTW:
cellphones before and after Apple iPhone

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    1. To be correct, there is nothing 3D about this phone’s display. 9-to-5mac is wrong on this.

      It is just accelerometer-aware 2D pictures that change depending on how you move the phone. This has appeared on iPhone in many applications years ago.

      1. After watching some of the coverage videos, I think it’s using a lot more than just the accelerometers to react. I think there may be a few that got sick with the iOS version of the 3D parallax effect that may actually find this one more comfortable. Usually the motion sick feeling comes from the slight millisecond delay between action and the screen reacting that may not be noticeable. It seems that the movement in the Fire device will track your eyes w/o use of the accelerometers giving a less jarring effect. Sort of like walking past a lenticular poster. If you have any examples of those iPhone apps you mention, please share. 🙂

  1. Play with “Fire” you get burned. With all the supposed bells and whistles and malware, they can keep it. I’m confident Apple’s new phone will put out the Fire.

  2. Is it me or does it look like an iPhone 5?

    In agreement with MDN, it’s a ‘meh’. No compelling reason to switch even for those who suffer with an Android phone already.

  3. I often use my phone in bed, often at funny angles, if what I see is going to depend on how I’m looking at it I can see it getting annoying quickly. Not that I’d consider anything but an iPhone.

    1. But they can claim that is their best selling product without ever publishing any numbers even not a shipped numbers. Other droid phone makers now have to race to the bottom cut their profit even further.

      The only good news is that more people will give up their old phones and get into smartphone and soon will realize they need a trusted partner and will join the Apple EcoSystem.

    1. Not sure what you mean but if you’re asking whether they have operations outside of the US, yes, I believe they have businesses in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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