Analyst: Amazon smartphone no threat to Apple’s iPhone, but Android phone makers beware

“A day before Amazon’s expected announcement of a new 3-D smartphone, ISI Group analyst Brian Marshall said that Apple doesn’t need to worry,” Kristin Cwalinski reports for CNBC.

“‘We actually think the impact on of an Amazon smartphone on the iPhone would be the same impact say that a Kindle Tablet Fire HD on the iPad, i.e., not that much,’ he Tuesday on CNBC’s ‘Fast Money,'” Cwalinski reports. “‘There’s probably not a large chance of this actually taking away from the iOS sub base—the installed base — I think it’s much more likely it would be taking away from other Android franchises,’ he added.”

Full article, with video, here.

MacDailyNews Take: An Amazon smartphone. Because nothing says “quality user experience” more than a pretend iPhone from an online retailer running a skinned, derivative OS from a search engine/online advertising firm.

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        1. Exactly. Apple caught significant flack over the background motion with people *claiming* that it made them ill. Making the grand assumption that those claims were real, what do you think a true 3D interface on a cell phone is going to do?

          1. It is not Apple; therefore, 3D will be the truly innovative feature that the iPhone lacks. Just keep tacking on features. It is like building a house out of lumberyard drop-off scrap.

    1. It’s not what you think. Turns out they just couldn’t make it very thin. At first they were worried that people would object to the thickness, then the marketing guys said “No no, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s…3D! Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

    1. Stupid Analysts keep talking about threats from cheap phones, custom phones, phones tied to this or that platform, but who are they talking to?

      Middle class & up consumers want a phone that adds value to their lives, not one that restricts their lives.

      Apple adds safe, long lived value. My wife still likes her 3GS.

  1. Let me guess. Amazon store, Amazon Music, Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Local Deals, Amazon Price Check, and Kindle are all pre-installed on the thing.

    I wonder if an Amazon Prime membership is required for syncing.

    Amazon Phone – It’s all about the user experience. 😉

  2. Amazon needs to do a serious re-assessment of its business, which is primarily to sell content and merchandize that it does NOT produce. Amazon sells other people’s stuff; it’s a retailer. If selling Amazon-branded tablets and phones DOES help them sell more content and merchandize, it’s a good move. But I doubt that is true…

    Amazon’s resources would be better spent on improving the user experience of customers who use iOS devices, as well as all the other computing platforms that are used to buy from Amazon. That even includes things like iPads, which you can buy through Amazon probably makes MORE profit if the customer buys an iPad through (compared to buying a Kindle Fire), and then uses that iPad to subsequently buy more “stuff” from Amazon.

    I don’t understand Amazon’s motivations… Maybe Amazon doesn’t understand itself.

  3. As an owner of 3 iPhones, 4 iPads, 2 macs I think I understand the Apple world. Recently clients started asking for assistance with Amazon devices. So I purchased a Kindle Fire HDX. I must say I am impressed. It is superior to an iPad 4 with iOS 7.11 (less freezing and delays) and close but inferior to an iPad Air.

    I think Amazon is a bigger threat to Android than Apple. The graphics routines are far better on Amazon than Android.

    Competition is Good!

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