Thurrott: ‘With iOS 8, Apple is taking its enterprise functionality to the next level’

“Lost amid all the consumer-focused frenzy of last week’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is an intriguing set of new enterprise features that Apple will add to its mobile OS in iOS 8,” Paul Thurrott writes for WindowsITPro. “Due later this year — and no doubt accompanied by a new set of devices — iOS 8 will be made available for free to users of reasonably current iPhones, iPod touches and iPads. And while it may look at lot like the current reason [sic version], there are a lot of interesting features for businesses.”

“The popularity of the iPhone in particular is, I think, almost solely responsible for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend that is currently revolutionizing the way we think about mobile devices in the workplace. So it is perhaps not surprising that Apple —a company that has traditionally been far more comfortable dealing with consumers — is trying to step up its efforts in this area. And succeeding,” Thurrott writes. “With iOS 8, Apple is taking its enterprise functionality to the next level. From a security standpoint, iOS 8 expands data protection to more apps, with passcode protection on apps like Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages, Notes, Reminders and compatible third party apps, helping to keep your corporate data safe. It includes per-message S/MIME protection for email messages. ”

“Apple iOS 8 is currently in beta, and the early first release I’ve installed on my iPhone 5S is a bit buggy to recommend, though the firm has a history of quickly fixing problems in the build-up to the final release,” Thurrott writes. “And while Apple didn’t discuss this at WWDC, the firm is also expected to deliver at least one larger-screen iPhone this fall as well, possibly concurrently with iOS 8… Such a device running iOS 8 could provide serious competition for Android and Windows Phone, and not just in the enterprise. I’m very curious to see what they come up with.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A remarkably sane article except for that bit at the end. Really, how “serious” does anybody have to be to compete with Microsoft’s moribund Windows Phone?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Henri K” for the heads up.]

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    1. A lot of people used to say that Apple was doomed. Their number has dwindled, and the holdouts will be stranded at the shore, grasping for a lifeline as the ship sails without them

  1. Been watching all the hyperbolic discussions since last week and keep wondering when we are going to see “great new products” as promised by the beleaguered Tim Cook. All the celebration about tweaks to operating systems for the Mac and Apple’s mobile devices haven’t done much more than give the lemmings an excuse to celebrate pretty much not much. And, a watch much like those sitting on shelves in every kind of electronics store from Walmart to your local camera shop will cause even more celebration and unfortunately extend the reign of a CEO who has done pretty much nothing other than to manipulate AAPL which I see as a good thing but the only good thing. Soft and hard ware still languishing with little more than some new and largely useless features that will quickly fade into nothing as soon as everyone gets them installed. The hype is amazing though so keep waving those arms and squealing those throats just because WWDC gave you an excuse.

        1. But Grigori! He’s immortal! Anyone can BE him at any time he likes. There is no ‘Jay Morrison’. There is only the name, waiting for another fool to wear the suit. If you don’t like one Jay Morrison, you fire his ass! Then you slide in another Jay Morrison and off you go. It’s genius as a trolling scheme. True genius. And so hilarious! WhaWhaWha! Gets me every time.

          …Jay Morrison. – HAHAHAHAHA! See what I mean?

          1. You got me, or rather us. 🙁 Ya, there’s been 12 Jay Morrisons before me. I guess i’m the unlucky one who got caught. I resign. They’ll have to dig up some other sucker to wear the nick. Sorry folks. I apologize for all the evil, as Google would say. 🙁 I actually like Apple. I only did it for the cash. Pathetic, I know. I failed out of high school and this was the best I could get living in Seo^*%#(

    1. Yeah, uh huh. *Yawn* Well since your dissatisfaction is clear please do not buy any of the new devices coming out, despite the inevitable rave reviews and monster sales. You had your chance and pointlessly threw it away on some Tim hate. Really, you buy anything new from Apple in October and a squad of us, The Wedgie Patrol, will be over to “greet” you.

  2. @MDN
    Really, how “serious” does anybody have to be to compete with Microsoft’s moribund Windows Phone?

    Well, to be serious, me thinks one would need to tighten their cummerbund.

  3. In general, Paul Thurrott writes good articles. I may not always agree with him but I read him on a regular basis. He often times alerts me to angles that I had not previously considered.

  4. It’s a shame Thurrot is so firmly wedded to the Windows platform because he is, in my opinion, one of the only true IT pundits left on the web. Everyone else is simply making up stuff or regurgitating crap they read elsewhere.

    Years ago, he was the first journalist to break the story that Apple was dumping the PPC chip and moving to Intel. How we laughed!

  5. And yet this is what he wrote in his OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 review. The guy is schizophrenic.

    “With Apple issuing the first-ever major update to iOS last year with iOS 7, it’s no surprise—nor problem—that the firm is back on the evolutionary update bandwagon for this year’s update. The only surprise is the name: This should have been called iOS 7.1, not iOS 8.”

  6. OK! WHO STOLE THURROTT’S BRAIN? Come on! Fess up!

    We’ve got a genius brain transplant expert in our midst here! We know you’re reading this! Now you know that we know!

    So whose brain did you stick in there instead? Hmm. Who recently died?

    …NO. Couldn’t be! Did they toss his brain into liquid nitrogen too? (No folks, I don’t mean Disney!)

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