Ringly introduces new iPhone-connected smart ring

“New startup Ringly seeks to help solve a problem that many busy women have: missing important phone calls, texts or notifications because they cannot hear their phone go off in their purse, or find the phone quickly enough to get to it,” Sarah Guarino reports for 9to5Mac. “Personally, I’ve run into this problem several times.”

“Ringly’s solution looks like an ordinary fashionable ring, but is actually a high-tech smart ring that can notify users of incoming messages, notifications, phone calls, and more,” Guarino reports. “Through the app you can customize the light and vibration patterns for different kinds of notifications. The ring can notify you when you are receiving a text, phone call, calendar alert, email, or third-party notification, and can even alert you if you leave your phone behind.”

“The ring’s battery lasts for three days on a full charge. The ring itself is made out of 18 karat gold with semi-precious stones available in black onyx, emerald, pink sapphire, and rainbow moonstone,” Guarino reports. “Today, Ringly is launching its pre-sales campaign with early bird pricing at $145 for the ring. It will be available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.”

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  1. I find a watch to be much more useful in that it can not only tell me that my phone is ringing (something that I, as a male, often miss withe the phone in my pocket), but also who is is that’s ringing my bell.

  2. It won;t be long before the conversation goes like this:

    Her: “When we’re apart, I want you to wear my ring.”

    Him: “How touching.” Then he looks at it.

    Her: “That’s right. Now drop your drawers.”

    The new iCheat.

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