Apple video: ‘The New Look of OS X Yosemite’

Apple has posted a 60-second promotional video which is a standard runtime for a TV ad, but we have no confirmation of it running on broadcast or cable TV networks.

The video has, however, been shown during the WWDC keynote address and subsequently posted to <a href="" target="_new"Apple's website and to Apple’s YouTube channel.

Apple’s video description reads: We reconsidered every element of the Mac interface, large and small. The result is something that feels fresh, but still inherently familiar. Completely new, yet completely Mac.

Direct link to video here.\


      1. It’s transparency, not translucency, and it creates the illusion of depth or 3D space by making items in the background partially visible behind items in the foreground.

        Given how prominently the interface is using depth, “flat” is pretty ridiculous name for this design style.

        1. I whole heartedly agree. After listening to quite a few disparage the “flat” look of Yosemite, (and I had not seen it until this video), I was shocked to see that it did not have the appearance of “flat”. These “flat” critiques do not stand up. Do these folks have vision problems or something?

          1. You are NOT observant.

            Thankfully flat, flatter, flattest is NOT a constant theme in 10.10. It’s just an partial infection. A boring, embarrassing infection. Rub with cream every morning to remove. Or get a theming application like Flavours to cover it up with something NOT boring and embarrassing.

            Note how vehement I am? I came to this after considerable consideration. I’m NOT going to become un-upset about Apple’s poor choices here. Apple IS going to be embarrassed if this becomes real. (Note that I’m specific about what parts I don’t personally like, as far as I can at this point without being sued).

            1. Vehement? And “considerable consideration”? You seriously have to “think about it – that long”?

              Either you do or don’t, get angry. You don’t have a clue as to “boring”!

              All you guys that think this is flat, may you be cursed to dream in Mac OS 6! Yosemite is NOT flat, or boring.

            2. Though “flat” is the direction, its appearance remains inconsistent.

              Look at the Mail icon – a full colour eagle image still is used, when other icons have gone through the distillery resulting as basic silhouettes.

              Come’on Apple.

            3. Gawd, don’t you ever let up with your idiotic bloviation? Do you really think we all want to be constantly bombarded by your non-stop crap?

            4. My poor ego has been deflated into a pancake with pecans and blueberries, delicious with boysenberry syrup.

              BTW: Never expect to be taken seriously if you are posting as an anonymous coward, you anonymous coward. Look at me: I’m real. That’s my real name. This is really me. Poor anonymous you.

            5. “Look at me: I’m real. That’s my real name. This is really me.”

              I doubt if it’s even remotely possible to deflate that ego of yours. Is that your real picture too?

            6. ☔ And, I’m just brainstorming here, but I think that’s part of the problem for people with psychopathy. They can’t imagine, can’t create. So what’s left is taking stuff that nature created, including stuff we humans created, and breaking it. Having no conscience makes breaking stuff very easy. Then there’s the broken stuff there and those with psychopathy use that as an illusion of having imagined something. They end up missing the point of creation. And that’s sad. ☀

        2. NO kayan. It really is TRANSLUCENCY, I shouted. You can’t see transparency. You CAN see translucency. Research is easy! Really easy.

          And sorry 24January1984, but the frosted glass effect really is genius. It’s NOT mere translucency at all. It’s a very kewl visual effect. (I have to love something, don’t I?)

          1. Research is easy! Trans is Latin for ‘through’, parent comes from parere, Latin for ‘appear’, and ‘lucient’ is Latin for ‘shining’. So trans-lucient literally means ‘shining through’ while trans-parent literally means ‘appear through’.

            Translucent objects let light pass through it, but scatters it enough so one cannot see what’s behind it, like a lamp shade.

            Only with a transparent object can one see what’s behind it, like a glass of water.

            To summarize, if you can see through an object, it’s transparent (appear through), and if light passes through without any discernible image, it’s translucent (shining through).

    1. That was one of the sad points in the WWDC keynote for me, realizing that they had animated the System Preferences icon just for show, NOT for the OS.

      OMG there is so much animated 3D KEWL Apple could be doing right now. But instead they decided to think like a 5 year old and go flat, flatter, flattest for most stuff with dead basic boring strict RGB yawnification. It’s not just sleep inducing, it’s…

      1. I know what you’re trying to do, Derek. I’m on to you! You are rearing up and outgrowling the trolls and curmudgeons, making them look weak and ineffectual by comparison. Then, when they fold their tents and slink away in craven defeat, the Apple love fest can resume, unspoilt by criticism, lambs basking joyfully in the sunlight cast by the perfect gods of One Infinite Loop. Right?

        1. I bet, hannahjs, that you and I and a handful of others here are the only ones who can read Derek’s passionate responses and smile, whether he is right or not. Some others apparently do not understand. It is nice to be able to read a post and see it for what it is, and not how it might offend you. 🙂

  1. Apple should run this on TV . . . once Yosemite is released.

    On a separate note, MDN should stop removing the full screen button on videos they post. The user experience should be their No. 1 priority.

    1. I see the full screen button, both in Firefox and Safari. Strangely, there’s no full screen button when I look at in Chrome. I’d would blame Google for this one, because they own YouTube and Chrome, and they like ad revenue almost as much as MDN.

      1. You see the full screen button?!?!?
        And all this time I was blaming MDN. (sorry MDN)

        Using Safari (and tried Chrome) I can see the full screen button everywhere, except MDN . . . weird.

  2. The great thing about OS X is that even though it is now in the 10th version, it still looks and feels the same. If you used the very first version of OS X and then went into a coma until 2014, you could start using Yosemite without any problems. Try that with Windows.

    1. Actually, I think Yosemite is in many ways is a return to the simpler “look” of earlier Mac OS X, at about Panther or Tiger. So that Mac user in a “coma” would indeed feel at home in the new decade.

      I like the new Dock. I use the terminal command to make the bottom “3D shelf” Dock look like the Dock when it is at the side of the screen, so the change is welcome. Overall, Yosemite has “depth” (it is not “flat”), but without the overdone (SO last decade) “3D” look.

    1. The editing capabilities are all still there. They’ve put a layer over the discrete controls (exposure, hue, brightness, etc.) that uses smart algorithms to make multiple changes to the discrete controls simultaneously by using a couple of simple sliders that look like they work pretty darn good for the majority of images. You can still access the various editing controls if you choose. So, instead of “dumbing” it down, I’d say they’ve “smartened” it up.

  3. Before: I almost don’t want to look. I’ve seen it. Some of it is downright EMBARRASSING. What Mickey Mouse fan screwed up the Finder window buttons into crap only a 5 year old could appreciate. One severely bad Apple idea spoils…

    After: Damn! They show the kindergarten buttons right at the top of the set! Some 5 year old is very happy about that. And NO world. There is NOTHING special or appealing about going raw Helvetica ad nauseam. Got that?

    Dear Apple: RECANT! Keep the OS X GUI interesting, and above all APPEALING. The bald, bare-bones BORING has got to go. I mean in THE NEXT BETA RELEASE. End this embarrassment ASAP. And if you’re going to attempt to defend the kiddy world crap, don’t bother. Any serious artist is gagging right now, except of course Grandma Moses fanatics. Seriously. Who created this? Was it really YOU Mr. Ives? NOT acceptable ever.

    But the frosted glass effect is GENIUS and much of the rest of it is just fine with me.

    1. Now that is a masterful and articulate spot on critique full of passion, frustration and pleas to right a wrong.

      The full circle jerk Apple design team has finally tossed Steve’s keen sense of visual communication design driving navigation in the trash can … so sad.

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