How Apple’s newest iPhone ad hints at its next big thing

“Apple unveiled its latest iPhone ad last night, targeted at health and fitness apps, showcasing all the tasks the iPhone can perform. Given the size of the health and fitness market now, it’s clear investors are seeing this as the right move,” Chris Ciaccia writes for TheStreet.

“The latest ad, which shows people swimming, running, playing golf, lifting weights and other activities, shows that Apple is trying to demonstrate that its device has a multitude of use cases, particularly thanks to the App Store, of which there have been over 75 billion downloads and counting,” Ciaccia writes. “”

“Also included in the ad are the Misfit Shine waterproof ring activity, the Zepp golf swing analyzer, as well as several other apps dedicated towards staying in shape,” Ciaccia writes. “Apple’s decision to announce its Health app at its Worldwide Developer Conference shows that Apple is taking the health and fitness market seriously, both from a software perspective and, eventually, a hardware perspective, as the company gets ready to launch its long-awaited iWatch, later this year.”

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  1. Apple will only release the product when it is ready. I have my doubt for this year release since the expert that came onboard for health related sensors have not been with the company long enough to create a product, do the level of testing we expect from Apple and then build a production pipeline to create the qty we expect.

    I would be delighted to get a solid iPhone 6 (including a larger display to shut up Samsung so called Innovation) and introduce iPad and iPod with Touch sensor.

    I would really really like it if they included an NFC capability to iPhone line. That would be plenty of innovation for this year after all the dev tools they just gave the world.

    The iWatch (primarily a sensor riddle device and wireless charging can wait for early next year say late Feb for Mid/late March Delivery).

  2. What if the iWatch is a bracelet for both wrists and both ankles with force sensors to feed back to the mobile device to analyze motion of a swing (ie golf, tennis, bat) or walking or swimming or whatever?

  3. It still remains to be seen if Apple will enter this segment directly with their own piece of hardware or if it will continue to let the after-market and accessory makers produce all the hardware, with the iPhone, iPad, computers and iPod touch remaining as the hubs or processors.

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