Apple’s Metal to take flight in Apple TV?

“Metal is a graphics API for iOS, squarely targeted at game developers. Metal’s objective is to eliminate OpenGL by giving developers more power with direct access to the graphics processor,” Mark Reschke writes for TGAAP. “This will allow high-end gaming developers to push the limits of Apple’s A7 (and likely forthcoming A8) processor found within the latest iOS devices. The result is Apple’s CPU and GPU will work together in “seamless harmony” as Apple says, allowing games like Ryse: Son of Rome, to look and feel like its high-end console counterpart.”

“Metal is another tool Apple gave to developers, which continues the onslaught against Android’s massive fragmentation — but might it be used elsewhere in Apple’s product line?” Reschke asks.

“There was not a single mention or reference to Apple TV at WWDC, but technology like Metal is not likely to be left in an iPhone and iPad silos,” Reschke writes. “A revamped Apple TV targeted at the gaming community, allowing more than just networks to dive into the 20 million and growing unit market is something Apple surely has their sites on. Coupling Metal with an all-new A8 processor and next generation Imagination Technology graphics, should put Apple’s diminutive set top box sales on fire.”

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    1. No, hire a company that makes game controllers for the big consoles (XBOX or PS4) or buy the company that makes controllers for them. The XBOX One and PS4 controllers are regarded as the best game controllers both platforms have produced and loved by gamers so using a company that makes controllers for those platforms would be most advantageous if Apple really wants to appeal to gamers.

      1. I think you’re right. I have the Fire TV and one of the things I appreciated about its controller was the familiarity of it after having just gone through GTAV on the PS3.

  1. I’m Liberal Arts educated so I’m not totally clear what Metal is….

    Am I right that OpenGL is a kind of translation language between the CPU and software program, and that Metal is sort of a “core graphics” addition to the OS so that the software can be coded similar to how it is done with OpenGL, but that the instructions will be interpreted directly by the CPU/GPU instead of going through the intermediary OpenGL?

    1. I think Apple has managed to improve performance by the so called 10x by combining many functions into high-level instructions (API) bringing together functions from graphics and also data management.

      I think of it as achieving more with less code which then the CPU and GPU are running highly optimized. Of course, writing METAL will mean the METAL codes will not as easily be ported to other platforms. I am sure someone will soon create a Metal to OpenGl converter.

      The performance improvements are amazing even if the reality is half as much.

      AppleTV clearly is due for an upgrade and with recent new boxes such as the one from Amazon means Apple has to made the AppleTV another true iDevice and not just an AirPlay.

      I for one cannot wait to experience future games tat can utilize the power of your iDevice and power of a new AppleTv for game play that we have not seen anywhere before.

    1. Probably not. Don’t think of ATV as an XBOX or PS4. Instead think about it as streaming games from your iOS device. Some games have tried this. The big problem is lag. Metal, 64bit, Handoff, and Bluetooth 4.0 are coming together to solve this problem. Your portable game device will become your set top also. Apple would be able to keep the ATV at $99.00 and have content and price that no other set top box could match. Apple has been pushing 3rd parties to make game controllers for months now. When they do bring out their next ATV they will have the games and controllers on the market already. They could do this before iOS 8 is released because the needed tech is on ATV side. It would give them something new to sell before September.

    2. It already has 8GB of storage, the same amount as the Fire TV and that works quite well for gaming (and other apps). Still, nothing’s stopping Apple from releasing larger capacity models like they do with other iOS devices.

      Not to mention the Apple TV has a USB port on it that could be used for expansion packs (external drives). Although most likely, I see Apple releasing a new Apple TV.

  2. The controller prices are going to have to come way down before they see widespread adoption. Console gamers are used to spending $50 for a wireless controller, and for computers they’re cheaper than that.

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