Isaacson: Steve Jobs would have done Beats deal

“One of the rallying cries of those opposed to Apple’s (AAPL) $3 billion purchase of Beats has been that ‘this isn’t the sort of thing Steve would have done,'” Dan Primack reports for Fortune. “Not true says Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson, appearing earlier this morning on CNBC.”

Primack reports, “When asked specifically if Jobs would have done the deal, Isaccson said: ‘Yeah. I don’t think he would have cared that much about buying the piece of hardware, the headphones, although he was the one who touted those headphones. He and Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine they’re are sending headphones out to all of their friends because they really care if you’re getting the bass right when you’re listening to the music.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Steve Jobs touted Beats headphones? Huh, we were unaware that pancreatic cancer caused deafness.

Too bad writing insipid, pedantic biographies doesn’t cause muteness.

Beats headphones get “the bass right?” If so, that’s the only thing they get right.

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Direct link to video the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We wonder if, had he known what we know now, Steve Jobs would have chosen this self-appointed medium — a self-styled expert of all things Steve Jobs just because he penned an interminable doorstop of dreck that sapped every bit of soul out of its subject, leaving nothing but an empty cardboard cutout behind — as the person to whom to entrust his official biography.

Go back to your day job of boring the last molecule of shit out of people via your scribblings, Walter, you supercilious, know-nothing twit.

Before he trots himself out on TV yet again to proclaim the results of his latest seance with Steve Jobs, Laurene should give this tedious, overstepping blockhead a phone call and tell him the time of day.

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    1. I dunno who writes these MDN takes, but I can sure tell you this: it’s the main reason I love to read this site everyday.

      “…penned an interminable doorstop of dreck that sapped every bit of soul…”

      Twainesque high art.

  1. I don’t 100% agree with MDN’s take on Walter Isaacon’s book on Steve Jobs, but I do wish that he would shut the hell up. He’s not some oracle of knowledge of what Steve Jobs would do, or want. In the end, it doesn’t matter anyway what Steve would want. Tim Cook is the CEO, and he should be able to run the company in the way that he sees fit.

  2. To bad Steve Jobs didn’t add some conditions to his biography, like: When I’m gone you will NOT be publicly declaring, what I might or might not of done in a given situation, or what I may of liked or not liked.

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