Apple has huge plans for WWDC 2014

“Apple has huge plans for WWDC 2014, which begins with a mammoth two-hour keynote speech on June 2,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

There’s plenty of evidence to support this:
• The two-hour keynote
• The date: Keynote, June 2; 7-1 stock split, June 9.
• Apple hasn’t yet announced the content of dozens and dozens of WWDC sessions. The company is being blatant about this, giving these sessions names like, “No comment”, “This one is sealed”, “To be announced”, “Shhh, can’t tell you”, “You’ll never guess”.
• Click on any of them and Apple says: “The title and description of this session will be revealed after Keynote on Monday June 2. Check back to view the updates schedule.

Much more in the full article here.


  1. The first letters of titles of the sessions begin with these letters: I W A T C H

    The problem is that these letters are also contained: D O Y N S

    I don’t have the WWDC app, but can anybody confirm or add more letters to the mix?

    1. Yes but they don’t invent driverless cars (even if you need a guy with a red flag in front to make it safe… except for him) and stupid geek glasses (which do very little other than make you look like a glass hole) so they aren’t innovative any more.

      1. “Yes but they don’t invent driverless cars”… Well, to be accurate, neither does Google. Scientists were working extensively on driverless cars long before Google got into the game. And unlike the iPhone, which utterly changed a huge industry and gave us multi-use computers in our pockets, the Google driverless car does not bring anything revolutionary to the game.

  2. I could certainly be wrong, but I’m pretty sure every WWDC I attended began with a two-hour keynote. If true, I wonder why the exclamation that this year’s is “mammoth”?

    1. It is actually no different than any other WWDC. Keynote length and sealed sessions to be revealed only on the first day – all pretty standard. There will probably be a lot of interesting sessions about new technologies but don’t buy into hysteria. The only “mammoth” thing here is the hype of this article’s author.

  3. If big plans entail Tim Cook getting a full body wax, his hands and toenails French manicured and painted with clear, and his stretched out, poop-shooter bleached lily white, then YES, Apple has big plans for WWDC.

    However, if you are relying on Tim Cook to innovate hardware or software as long as he is CEO of Apple, you might as well die now and go to hell in a Chinese handbasket… because that’s just not going to happen!

    1. Well Orandy…I just made about $10,000 today on Apple Stock and I expect to make more in the next few weeks. You are going to see a wave of innovation that will shock you and the rest of the world. Think Apple can’t keep secrets? You are wrong about that. Think they can’t innovate…utter and complete bullshit (the new Mac Pro virtually DEFINES innovation if you really LOOK at it. We are about to see the next wave of personal computing led AGAIN by Apple. Tim Cook is NOT a genius. Neither was Steve Jobs. But both Tim and Steve and and were VERY smart, strong willed, exceptional professionals at the very top of their game. Don’t. Doubt. It.

  4. With MS big push with Adobe in Photoshop for the new surface I think one of the things Apple will introduce is Aperture X and encourage developers to write plugins for it. The lower price MacBook Air seams to have MS worried. This will not be the big next thing WWDC, but a good way to get things started. I think a new faster Aperture with the ability to rapidly expand and a cheeper price will have a big buzz going in the pro photo community.

    1. Hope it’s not like Final Cut Pro X…. Apple lost ALL of it’s pro video and film editors with that move. To this day FCP X cannot be used for most broadcasters needs. It’s really terrible.

      1. Absolute claptrap. I mean, trolling happens, sure, but why not keep up? Larry Jordan watches this stuff, used NLE editing tools professionally — and seems pretty convinces FCPX is fit for purpose. Get back under your bridge. I’m not giving you a silver penny.

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