The online Apple Store’s humble beginnings

“The latest numbers show that in 2013, Apple rose to #2 in online retail, second only to Amazon,” Ken Segall writes for Observatory. “Not all that amazing, given that iTunes and App Store sales are now included in Apple’s figures.”

“But, given the humble beginnings of the Apple Store, it does give me that ‘how far we’ve come’ feeling,” Segall writes. “It all started with a baby step back in the ‘Think different’ years, even before the first iMac appeared. In those days, Apple made its big announcements with multipage inserts in magazines like Time and Newsweek. Apple creating an online store was indeed big news — though not quite big enough to merit its own insert.

The piece [see full article] was titled ‘Think different. Really different.’ Within its pages, Apple announced three bits of news:

1. A faster processor. (Get it? a chip!)
2. Build-to-order Macs.
3. This new thing called the Apple Store. (Technically, #2 and #3 are one and the same, but hey, three is always better than two.)”

Read more in the full article here.

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