Surface Pro 3: Microsoft seems more confused about the future than ever

“This time, Microsoft means business. At the original Surface tablet launch in 2012, it told us it meant business,” Hilton Tarrant writes for memeburn. “Again, at the far more muted Surface 2 launch in September last year. Perhaps it didn’t really, really mean business those first two times. This time, it’s different. Promise.”

“The euphoria around new chief executive Satya Nadella’s first 100 days in charge has tapered off, mostly completely. In fact, it died down after the company’s Build event in early April,” Tarrant writes. “It’s fair to say that the Surface Pro 3 (why does it need the ‘Pro’ moniker in there?!) is not a Nadella product. It’s the latest in a long list of products and services that are still churning off the unstoppable Steve Ballmer-led conveyor belt. Nadella is stuck with Surface (and the Nokia devices business) whether he likes it or not.”

“The new Surface is useable on your lap (despite the previous generations being sold, but not actually capable of that). ‘Lapability’ is the word Microsoft’s Surface chief Panos Panay used. The ‘Pro’ stylus input stays,” Tarrant writes. “Again, this is the worst of both worlds. Touch plus keyboard (‘Type Cover’) with no clear delineation between the two. What do I use the keyboard for? What do I use the trackpad for? When do I just touch the screen? When do I use the stylus? Steve Jobs’s famous quote about the stylus is more apt than ever.”

MacDailyNews Note:

Tarrant writes, “Pricing is telling. The base model, at $800 plus a keyboard, at US$130, costs more than a base model MacBook Air (as many have pointed out). Spinning this as cheaper than a Mac is disingenuous given the fact that the Type Cover is sold separately. Shouldn’t that be bundled into the box? What use is a laptop without a keyboard?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Crash and burn.

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  1. Doomed to total failure. Only the lost and clueless Microsoft fans will take the bait. The actual intelligentsia or even the moderately intelligent will buy a Mac Book Air. Loving my new fully equipped Mac Book Pro!

    1. Seems to me for like configurations the 13″ MBA is priced about the same as similar config Surface 3 with keyboard. But then you have to buy Office and pay for upgrades ovedr time and face the possibility of BSOD. Plus I question the durability relative to the MBA. Yuu would need a hard case to protect the display, where as a slip case is fine for the MBA.

      If I really needed windows, it would be MBA with parallels.

      1. Office: The situation is the same as in Macs. The touch-friendly Office is coming, which presumably be similar to the Office for iPad
        BSOD: This is a really old statement. Saying Windows BSOD is like saying iPhone doesn’t multitask
        Durability: It was dropped from ~1.5m height during the announcement by Panos Panay, and of course, it didn’t break (unlike the iPad)

  2. Microsoft is similar to us auto makers. Cheap, unreliable, designed for the indiscriminate buyer who refuses pay the money for the better product. Their low budget design constraint chokes out initiative in their designers almost like a communist regime.

    1. Where did you get that data? And what year are you talking about? The reliability of US cars these days is the equal of any maker. In virtually all segments they are in, they are either at the top or in the top 10.

      From your name, maybe you’re talking about Vegas of 40 years ago. They rotted out before they were old enough to break down.

  3. Wait now, just wait. This is Microsoft’s THIRD Surface model, and we all know that Microsoft’s first two versions of anything crash and burn, but the third ends up clinging to life. Although this time . . . .

  4. How is it usable on one’s lap? Is there a photo of someone using it comfortably on their lap? I am typing this with my Macbook on my lap right now with my legs crossed, but don’t see where the kickstand would rest to keep it upright. I also lean back and use my iPad 3 for reading, but the 1.5 pounds is bordering on too heavy (just don’t quite need the newer one). I really just don’t understand how the new SP3 can be used on one’s lap.

    1. That is one of my favorite Apple ads. It is brilliant. It captures so much in such a few words. I love the way his suits and hairstyles change as they go back in time ending up with those wild flip-up sunglasses.

  5. Looks at the bright side, it’s only just a keyboard, Microsoft would have made you buy some Zunes to get stereo sound.

    No wait, I was just joking I was just.

    “Introducing the new Surface Pro Plus 3.1/3 with Zunasound (options are extra but compulsory for proper operation).

    1. Zunasound™: provides quality brown noise, distinctly biased toward lower frequencies and a favourite of smart, aspiring DJs scratching and scrubbing their way to media stardom

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