New York City bars to use Apple’s iBeacon for pub crawl promo

“Companies continue to find new and interesting ways of implementing Apple’s iBeacon technology, with one New York City event planning to direct participants on a Lower Manhattan ‘pub crawl’ via location-based notifications sent to their iPhones,” AppleInsider reports.

“The upcoming “BeaconCrawl” scheduled for May 20 plans to “gamify” the experience of a pub crawl — a social event where attendees traverse as a group from one bar to the next for drinks and conversation,” AppleInsider reports. “But the BeaconCrawl event plans bring an interesting tech twist, relying on an App Store application and wireless location-based iBeacons that will provide information and hints to participants.”

AppleInsider reports, “Through an official BeaconCrawl app that is planned to be offered on the iOS App Store starting May 2, users will receive push notifications with special instructions. The event will reportedly include ‘secret locations’ where ‘special drinks’ and discount offers will be available.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Not if it’s used appropriately. Museums, art galleries, sporting venues, libraries, schools, zoos, amusement parks, national parks and other stuff like this.

      I don’t want retailers blasting ads and other crap at me ergo, I won’t install their apps.

      I believe there is great potential with iBeacons if it’s deployed thoughtfully.

      1. The uses you mentioned seem good, and if I shop at Penney’s I want the coupons they’ll deliver through their app. But you’re right to be leery of retailers in general, the same ones who scream at us in their radio & TV commercials. If they act up the same way with iBeacons, it’ll be just one more thing to turn off in annoyance.

      2. I got my first iBeacon at my local grocer yesterday for a beer special. I wasn’t interested in the brand, but I had apps for neither the grocer nor the beer installed.

        1. Screen shot or it didn’t happen. IBeacon doesn’t work the way you describe. You have to allow the notifications from the retailer, or from an app associated with that retailer/brand.

  1. I first read the headline as “NY bars use of iBeacon for pub crawl” and I thought, “What is wrong with using iBeacon?”


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