Apple interviewing senior payments industry execs for ‘very serious’ mobile payments push

“Apple has been interviewing senior payments industry executives to push ahead on a plan to build an electronic payments business, according to two people familiar with the process,” Jason Del Rey reports for Re/code.

“The company has been meeting with potential applicants for two new positions at Apple focused exclusively on building a business around the hundreds of millions of credit cards it already has on file. Apple is seeking to fill head of product and head of business development positions, one of these people said,” Del Rey reports. “Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s long-time e-commerce head, has met with candidates and is currently leading the initiative, according to these sources. ‘Their ambitions are very, very serious,’ one of the sources said.”

Del Rey reports, “While sources say Apple is now committed to acting on this opportunity, the fact that the company has only recently been interviewing for senior positions indicates that it has likely not settled on specific rollout plans.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Tim Cook mentioned this on the last earnings call. My two cents is the more immanent something is, the less likely they are to speak of it. So my guess would be next summer…

    1. “Good is the enemy of Best”. Apple should not settle for “good enough” for the sake of urgency. “Good enough” was the battle cry of Windows pundits for a decade.

      Don”t listening to the wall street and PC industry bloggers.

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