Alleged iPad Air 2 front panel with integrated display shown in new photos

“Following the leak of an alleged iPhone 6 front panel earlier this week, the iPad is now getting its turn with a pair of photos showing what is said to be a front panel for the next-generation iPad Air, shared by Dutch site One More Thing,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“Notably, the part appears to include an integrated display in contrast to the separate panel and display parts used on the current model,” Slivka reports. “A move to an integrated front panel/display would reduce overall thickness, potentially allowing Apple to further slim down the iPad Air or make room for other components such as a slightly larger battery.”

Claimed iPad Air 2 front panel

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  1. Reasons for this … thinner iPad, bigger battery … or … easier to replace in Store?

    Integrating the display right to the glass would eliminate one of the biggest hassles of replacing broken glass in store … keeping dust from between the glass and display. Apple could pull the broken glass/display back to Cupertino, remove the glass and test the display in a clean room, replace the glass and push the refurbed glass/display out as another service/replacement part.

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