New photo of iPhone jig further indicates 4.7-inch display coming

“Pictures of supposed iPhone 6 production tooling leaked out yesterday,” Benjamin Mayo repots for 9to5Mac. “However, the initial images of the molds were blurry and lacked context.”

“A new picture from compare the molds directly to an iPhone 4s,” Mayo reports. “The new device is substantially larger than the 4s.”

Nowhereelse did some Photoshopping and overlaid an iPhone 5s onto the image proportionally to gauge how big the impression actually is,” Mayo reports. “Using this method, the site guesses a screen size of approximately 4.7 inches…”

Purported 4.7-inch iPhone mold

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]


  1. This isn’t a mold, it’s a jig for a CNC type machine to hold a metal block during the milling process. If it were a mold there wouldn’t be holes for the substance being molded to seep through… Since this isn’t a mold at all and just a jig to hold the metal block, this actually gives us no indication whatsoever as to the size of the component that’s being milled or what the size will be after it’s been milled. All these blogs are reporting off of each other instead of actually looking into the info they are reporting and basically perpetuation misinformation and needlessly riling up the fans. Meh, when a real leak comes out with pictures of the device or an actual picture of the shell let us know… until then MDN please look into the information and report it correctly rather than just copying and pasting from other blog sites.

      1. Agreed. It’s a jig/fixture to hold a part in place while it’s going through whatever process. The drastic bevel on it is for quick insert and release of the part along an assembly line.

  2. Something is off about this. I can’t imagine Jony would just stretch the 5S as shown. I thought the bezels were getting thinner? If so then the screen for that mold could be even larger.

    1. Some Apple “fans” will like the larger screen size option I am sure. But not all.

      But it doesn’t matter. Make sure you won’t get an iPhone as it can never be as large as you can get from Samsung’s and Nokia’s or other Android craps.

      Just enjoy your ever larger non-Apple phones for eternity.

  3. Most were (rightfully) ripping on the phablets I think. There are a lot of folks around here that have been whining their asses off for the larger screen. I have to say – I didn’t think I’d want one, but if it’s a slightly larger 5/5s, and still fits comfortably in my pocket I’d be tempted.

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