Larger display for iPhone? No doubt about it and likely this June

“In January the Wall Street Journal provided data suggesting larger screen iPhones,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “A string of rumors and conjecture have been reported ever since in an attempt to portray a undeniable truth – a larger screen iPhone is coming.”

“Assume for a moment the rumors, the analysts’ expert analysis, and the “upstream supply chain” informants are correct, and that Apple is going to deliver a larger screen iPhone 6,” Reschke writes. “Shouldn’t the question really be about whether Apple will ship a larger screen device beyond a big screen iPhone, such as phablet device?”

“The iPhone, Apple’s most important product, has remained essentially unchanged in screen size. The Android smartphone market has exploded with a variety of screen sizes, while Apple has remained locked into position with a 3.5-inch display, or a slightly elongated 4″ screen, starting with the iPhone 5,” Reschke writes. “An iPhone 6 with a significantly larger screen is on its way, and likely much sooner than many are predicting. The most likely launch time for the arrival of the iPhone 6 is at Apple’s WWDC14, where developers will be able to get in-depth support on how to port current – and develop new – applications for the larger display. Rumors and analysts have been reporting that many components for a new iPhone have been in production as early as January of this year. With components ramping to production long ago, an iPhone 6 in June is nearly a given.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The sooner, the better.

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    1. I have a cousin with a Galaxy S3 and the screen is big, yet not monstrous (4.7″). If the rumors are right, a 4.7″ iPhone should be great – even for one-handed use.

      1. I don’t care how it’s done, I just want a bigger iPhone. I think 5 inches is a little too big (really hoping the 4.7 inch rumor is true cause I think it’s the perfect size), but if having a 4 inch and 5 inch model is the compromise to keep all those “one-handed use” people happy then so be it. I’ll take the 5 incher.

        1. As “bigger variant” 5″ is not necessary will be the case. Maybe it is going to be 4.7″.

          My point is that normal-sized iPhone will not go away, unlike what rumours insist on.

        2. No rumor has ever suggested that the 4″ would go away—it’s always been the paranoid, skinny-jeans-wearing, feminine-handed, if-i-don’t-like-it-you-can’t-have-it pitchfork wielders who have been whining about the demise of the small phone. Prolly the same pussies who stomped and huffed about the gold color when that rumor first broke.

        3. Don’t condescend to me dumbass. My mother said she’s making ham for Easter dinner. She didn’t say she was making anything else, but that is no reason to assume that’s ALL she’s making.

    2. Do not worry you can go a lot bigger than 4″ and the phone still fits very nicely in the pocket and can be used with one hand. My belief is that if a larger screen does come out, even those who have scorned larger screens for a long while will migrate and forget that they ever said they hated the idea and will be singing its praises. Personally I think anything less than 5″ is too small, especially if the 4″ model is kept.

    3. For me, the iPhone 5/5c/5s already pushes the limits of pocketability and easy one-handed operation. I frankly do not want a larger phone. If Apple wants to add a larger screen to their lineup, fine … but not if it means eliminating the smaller configuration altogether.

      The times I’ve used the GS3 or GS4, they come across as gangly and awkward. Yes, the larger screen looks nice, but the usability for my purposes seems diminished compared to my 5s.

        1. Now if apple could do something which means developers didn’t need to resize their apps for a larger hone then the bigger iPhone would sell millions of units.

          Resolution independence ftw!

  1. There is going to be a lot of first time iPhone owners this time around. Sales are going to go through the roof.
    Especially since the premiere Android phone, the Galaxy S5 is such a lackluster phone.

    1. The phone they really have to beat is the M8 (the new HTC One). It’s getting stellar reviews on performance and features right now and is killing the S5… Honestly I just wish Apple wasn’t being typical Apple by releasing a lower res and lower pip phone than everyone else and using an odd non standards based resolution. Oh well, a fan can dream I guess…

      1. Sadly HTC doesn’t have the marketing muscle to pull it off. That’s the same problem they had with the original One.
        Samsung was lucky Apple was subsidizing them with all of the work they were giving them. Samsung bit the hand that fed them and they are now starting to feel consequences of it.

        1. HTC is probably the only fair and decent Droidy phone maker in existence. I’ll feel a tiny bit sad to see them pulverized by the pending double-barrel iPhone onslaught.

        2. The One is one great looking phone with good specs and yes HTC were honest in their execution which just shows that quality doesn’t automatically win out, marketing spend, bribery and dirty tricks all help. I doubt the new one will suddenly make a break through though good luck to it making a greater impact. Let’s hope Apple gets its act together and stops resting on its laurels too.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if a new larger iPhone were announced and even shown at WWDC, but I wouldn’t expect it right away.

    At issue is that a larger iPhone may need to have developer support which means bringing the specs out at WWDC.

    One might think, “great, announce it at WWDC and ship a couple of weeks later”… but not so fast. That new iPhone would need a new iOS to go with it.

    As we used to see in the past when Apple released new iPhones right after WWDC, we’d see private betas of iOS pinging servers and even public betas way before the WWDC (like March).

    So while I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a large iPhone announced at WWDC, I wouldn’t expect to see it until well afterwards. Maybe sooner than October, but with a significant delay after WWDC.

    1. The problem there is if they announce and dont release reasonably soon after announcement.. They will kill all potential sales of the present line up totally till the new phone comes out..
      So imho
      They either announce at wwdc and release right away.. Or we hear nothing till they are ready to release!

      1. There’s a small upside to that though. People on the verge of buying an Android phone for the larger size might hold off a few months until the new iPhone comes out.

      2. We have already lock down most potential
        Samsung s5 buyers with the new iPhone
        Confirmations. Rat faced Samsung
        Leadership may need to take up the Japenese
        Hari Kari ritual. Bloodbath!

    1. Keep the screen size as is! Bigger is not cool, it’s inelegant. Besides, there is already a large screen iPhone: iPad mini with WiFi + VOIP app.

      1. Sigh… This is what the “I don’t want it so it’s stupid” crowd keeps saying about a larger iPhone: “Use an iPad mini.” But some of us want the largest screen iPhone THAT WILL FIT IN OUR FRONT JEAN POCKET. that is NOT an iPad Mini, so please stop suggesting it.

  3. I just hope Apple keeps the current size as well. I don’t want to be a moron with a large screen phone. They look like fisher-price toys. No matter who makes them. Phones should be discreet. Just because others make them and apparently ‘bigger is better’ is still entrenched in American culture, I can say that everyone I know who went with a bigger phone now regrets it.

  4. One of my friends has an iPhone version 3 and is looking forward to a 6, regardless of features: why buy the current model when a new one is on the horizon? And for languages where symbols are used instead of the Roman alphabet, more screen space is probably a necessity for many. That’s why a larger screen is needed and the sooner the better. Another point: iPad owners mostly browse the Internet on their pads and not so much on their phones: an iPad mini works far better for them than would a larger iPhone screen. Apple should put the phone into the mini and enlarge their overall market. Better yet, make them with a neck strap to make the pocket size irrelevant. Think outside the box, just once, Mr. Cook.

  5. New iPhones come out in the fall, every year, then sales ramp up ’til Christmas. WWDC is reserved for geek-friendly announcements that no one else cares about, like the next Mac OS. Meanwhile the people who actually get some sun once in a while are out doing just that.

  6. A larger screen would not necessarily result in the loss of one-handed operation. Within a certain range of sizes you can maintain one-handed operation by keeping the keypad / keyboard / controls to one side of the screen in an area reachable by one’s thumb.

  7. Here is my question. I hear alot of people not wanting to see the 4 inch iphone go by the way side. so the question is if you have one allready then whats the problem. no one is forcing you to give it up to replace with the newer models so why the big concern. Its not like they are telling you have to get rid of it and get the bigger iphone. And if people are happy with their Iphone 4 or 4S then stay with it. Same goes with the 5 models. Come on people you have a right to choose and just because a company may or may not offer in the future what you are preferable towards today then dont buy it.

    1. These people walk into BaskinsRobbins and demand to see 33 tubs of bubblegum ice cream filling the display cases, because that is their favorite flavor and they will fight to the death to prevent any other to be sold. Until they see how popular and delicious other flavors are, then, well, we just never hear from them until the next new-flavor rumor surfaces. To be sure their torches shall be kept at the ready.

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