“There is intense speculation on when Apple will announce a larger screen iPhone and what it will look like with Pacific Crest and ISI publishing notes in the past few days,” Chuck Jones writes for Forbes. “Jon Fortt from CNBC weighed in on Tuesday saying he would be surprised to see it announced too much off cycle (September) since the carriers have been making customers wait until their two years are up to get a subsidized price on a new smartphone.”

“There are multiple reasons why Apple should ship a larger screen iPhone ASAP,” Jones writes. “The first one of course is Apple is losing sales to competitor’s larger screen smartphones. Those customers are either iPhone users who are off contract, coming off contract or Android users who are also off contract or coming off contract. It doesn’t make sense to wait for the iPhone 5 users who bought in the September/October 2012 timeframe. Apple is losing customers now.

“The second reason is it would be better from a manufacturing perspective to not have to build for such a huge spike in demand,” Jones writes. “[Also], don’t get too wrapped up in the two year subscription lock-up… I suspect there are millions of smartphone owners that could manipulate their termination date to get an iPhone 6 before this September.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Jones is frequently right about Apple. Most recently, he predicted the resignation of Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer five days before Apple’s official announcement.