Apple’s iPhone 6 will demolish Android

“We’re in for another Apple-induced BlackBerry moment,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “Admittedly, I’ve been against the notion of a bigger iPhone screen. But, if you stop, collaborate and listen, you’ll realize I was for it before I was against it. Because I am for anything Apple does that not only improves on, but redefines the crap the ‘competition’ throws against the wall.”

“That’s what Apple did to the artist formerly known as RIM,” Pendola writes. “People were so addicted to their BlackBerries we called them CrackBerries… And then Apple came along and just freaking demolished RIM as Jim Balsillie was busy trying and failing to secure an NHL franchise for the Canadian hamlet of Hamilton.”

“So, while Apple’s never been a marketshare story, it’s about to become one without even trying. If Apple wanted to actively pursue Android-like marketshare it would and easily could have done it a long time ago,” Pendola writes. “Apple could have built 6,000 different types of phones like Samsung and other Google hardware partners. It could taken the extreme step of opening iOS up to any and all. Such desperate measures would have given Apple 80% marketshare or something close to it in everything. But, of course, Apple’s not desperate so it doesn’t thoughtlessly play the lame marketshare game.”

“When Apple introduces iPhone 6 — with one or more larger screen size options — it will be ready for primetime,” Pendola writes. “Whether we’re talking 4.7 inches, 5.7 inches, both or something all together different, it will be the real deal that everybody wants… And, just like BlackBerry in 2007, Android phones will not stand a chance.”

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  1. There will always be those who cannot afford the quality Apple offers and they will suffer with Android (Google’s Nexus 4 is a good example of a really affordable phone which, while it can’t really hold its own against an iPhone, does a decent job and is “good enough” for the kids. I seriously doubt Apple will ever top 30% market share just be cause 70% of the world simply can’t afford an iPhone. Sad, but true… (not necessarily important, but true.)

    1. Your first sentence is not correct. Many of the better phones from other companies cost as much or more than the iPhone. Also, although it certainly looks a quality product, in practice it is not as hardy as others, it scratches easily, the screen is more prone to break and does not offer the same level of resistance to dust or water. It is also more difficult and expensive to repair.

      1. His first sentence (everything before the Nexus 4) is absolutely correct. He didn’t say “suffer with premium Android” he said “suffer with Android” which goes all the way down to the cheap ass nothings. It’s perfectly logical and MDN has said Apple shouldn’t serve that market.

        1. Yes he said suffer with Android (non-specific) thus implying that they would suffer with whatever Andriod phone they had. I assumed he was saying they would suffer in terms of quality as he mentioned that in this sentence . My repost was some Android phones are as or more expensive than an iPhone and despite the cost and in practice Iphones are generally more fragile than Andriod phones so his point was not valid.

        1. I followed the link and could not help laughing. Did you see the date “By Alex Heath, Nov 3, 2011” Did you alo read it, just by the way it was written you could see it was a very biased article.

          Anyway, things have changed a lot since then, Iphones have remained fragile, not just a statement, but from my own experience, that of other iPhone owners and the fact it has been reported many times. In addition, why would nearly every iphone user I have ever seen (including myself) put a very good looking phone in a case. Why would there be so many different companies designing and selling cases to protect the iPhone? You know the answer.

          Standards have risen, designs improved, some of the which do not have a quality look and feel, actually are far more resistant to damage than the iPhone. Resistance to water, dust and even dropping are being built into phones, but not yet into an iPhone.

          1. I know, right? Apple fans live in the past, its just how it is.

            Every ‘fact based’ argument for apple and against android is based on ‘facts’ that are 3-4 years old, and no longer true for either platform.

            1. I know right bitches please apple couldn’t scoop up 70% of the market share if they pissed money into everyones starbucks cup. they wouldn’t know how to open up their OS or play with other OEMs they wouldn’t know how to make a device that is anything but basic and simple. while android phones are for power users makers like LG and Samsung are making advancements in design and manufacturing that is 3-4 yrs ahead of crApple. just a boring lame stupid bitter write up on what you think apple could do with no merit to anything you say…not only with apple not wipe the floor with there new models they couldn’t ever have done any of those things you said even if they wanted to quit making Jobs roll in his grave…

    2. HAHAHA, this article is nothing. Applefanboys come here to cope with the far behind iPhone. I bet you the Sony Xperia Z2 will destroy the iPhone 6 x 10. IPhone still doesn’t have a 1080p screen in 2014 LMFAO. It can’t even come close to Sony’s 20.7MP 4k camera, or the 3200 mAh battery. It absolutely sucks you mindless fanboys have to spend near $1000 for a 64Gb iPhone, while I have to only buy a $30 microSD card. IOS is for simpletons, and you have no control over it so hah again! Most Android flagships are priced equal or higher than iphone!!!

      1. Yeahu exactly right and here are my facts till this dayo big deal as far as I know apple couldn’t keep their average size screen wich is 3.5… once android upgraded to 4/5/6 inch they left far far apple away from the earth as ffar as it can get behind the dust u can tell wat u get from apple its a square phone with another debuger fix so pay up another100 dollars for that while androids lets u choose firmware awesome in every way axpect design estyle appple haters)))))))))))))) can be mad but its the trurh now apple coulnt stick to their original size of 3.5 and wana ; and expand to 6 or 5.5 inch screen wat a joke of copy caters just tell ur self who is the copy catter am really annoyed by this hapebing every day and every one its blind of it

    3. Ur telling me that people cant aford iphones that’s a joke now this days people don’t want them I got rid of mine last week bigeest waste of my time apple is a rip of since the first iphone they rip people off by just giving u abeterr ios that’s wat their basically charging u foe now everything seems fake on it the apps the screen u have to pay foe each song on ur libary talk about ipad they where enormous they had to downgrade to smaller zise with ipad mini they knew they where messing it up by having to carry a tv around town basically wat does the money has to do when the product is better that wat the consumer wants its not a charity to see who raises more u know its an product and it comes in every mens price from 100 to 1000 so ? Wat have u bben paying for if am not mistaking for the ios right duh their a lot of restrictiins till u get to the ios 6 and by then u have had wasted a good money wich is not wat a consumer want to be rip of and here we have u talking about cant aford b iphone their trowing those iphone aeay this days look ob you tube their smashing them for fun so many resteictions for wat and tell me wy are they up expanding their screen to like 6 or 5.5 inch cuz android is kicking their ass hard core home biy go eat or do some thing more help less for hunanity kind please and die on ur way too

      1. Yeah and maybe al bring my credit card along too just to get annoyed apps from apple that are worthless expecially the music since u have to pay for every song on ur libary yeah wy not rip of every one in rhe whole land that know about all of this android is. The bes and it left apple far by far behind ha al sure bring the burgers and stuff like that when I see the copy catters of apple moving as wat we know android to have their regular 6 inch screen wat hapen apple fans u guys cant?????????????? keep up with the original 3.5 so have to copy u guys are blind and jelous as android left preaty boys w rheir iphones far away fron dust burry in the dirt

    1. Apple will never kill Android, because Android is free for handset makers to use on their phones. So no matter what Apple does, there will always be some company that will slap a POS together and load it with Android to sell to a low-price market, lower than Apple wants to play in.

  2. Apple doesn’t do ‘buy one – get one free’ offers, so for as long as Apple charges a sensible amount for every iPhone sold and doesn’t do giveaways, there will always be people buying cheap Androids on special offer.

    I can’t imagine Apple ever selling an iPhone with razor thin margins and wouldn’t want them to do so either. Therefore there will always be cheaper alternatives to iPhones.

    Apple may find itself increasing it’s market share a little, but Apple has never been in the business of chasing market share. Having a sustainable and profitable business model is much more important.

    1. Yup, Apple chases user experience/satisfaction first, profits second, and if that results in a high market share, it’s a bonus.

      Apple could really care less if Android existed or not. It’s just pissed at Samsung in particular because Samsung, one of Apple’s manufacturing partners, blatantly copies everything Apple does.

    1. I don’t even bother with Rocco anymore. The guy is two-faced and just all-around despicable. He posts pro-Apple articles just to make him seem more balanced when he posts what he really wants in anti-Apple articles. “Tim Cook’s doing a great joFIRE TIM COOK!”

    2. Bang on. Android and Google will be just fine as will MSFT as no one product will ever be the peoples choice. I will add that I have used a 5″ phone and frankly it is a difficult product to use as a daily driver. IPhone 5S and iPad Mini Retina are the best option.

  3. Went to an AT&T store recently and was completely shocked at how absolutely puny and unimpressive the iPhone looks sitting next to the myriad of Samsung, HTC, LG & Nokia offerings. It is VERY easy to see why less discerning people go for the other options with bigger & brighter screens and lower initial cost. In all honesty, the care and craftsmanship of the iPhone 5S doesn’t translate to squat when sitting amongst the competition. In fact, it looks down-right dated. This is coming from a died-in-the-wool Apple fan of 25 years… And it breaks my heart to see they’ve really dropped the ball with iPhone.

    1. Specs and size count for many who don’t know or understand the use of the devices or know the experience they desire. A bargain is always getting something bigger for the same money or less, right?

  4. Sorry, but Apple could not have done multiple phones and gone for 80% share, they couldn’t ramp the manufacturing. Just look at the pretty dismal record of delays in iPhones, iMacs and macro’s. For all TC’s flair in manufacturing, he cannot get that right

    1. In defense of Tim and Apple those devices had record opening weekend sales. No one should expect Apple to stock pile 30 million phones to ensure no stock outs during a launch weekend or following weeks.

      1. When you wait so long between product rollouts, it’s difficult not to have record pent-up demand. The population of the planet isn’t shrinking you know. Question is, will the iPhone 6 finally be a full family of phones that Apple needs to stave off the copiers, or will Android continue to beat Apple in sales growth with a full range of models in all sizes and price points? Apple has a choice, and so far, Apple has done practically nothing to stop Samsung in the court of public opinion. Apple doesn’t even do an ad campaign explaining to people what precisely iOS does better than Android. Since Hodgman and Long, Apple has simply relied on repeat business to sell iPhones instead of converting the masses to the better platform. If Cook doesn’t do something impressive with the iPhone 6, then there is little question that this will play out just like Mac versus Windows — with Windows unquestionably winning greater profits in the end. It doesn’t have to be this way, but Cook isn’t delivering what the people want when they want it. They will eventually go elsewhere and settle for second best. Even the most die-hard Apple users have to see this … not that they’d admit it here on MDN.

  5. 80% share? The iPhone has 16% share worldwide. Android has 79% worldwide, and rightly so. Its software modular design is better, that’s why it is so easy to customize, and why iOS has so much trouble keeping up with its new features.

    16 apps per folder? Android didn’t have any limit. Notification area? In Android already. Task manager with swipe-away apps? In Android already. Default handlers for file types? In Android already. (Yes, you can set a default browser and email program!) Plug-in onscreen keyboards? You guessed it. Scrollable app locker? Want to remove the dock? Need I go on?

    1. Don’t forget that most Android phones are Feature phones at best and burner phones at worst.

      Add the likely Malware Infestation and the exposure of your credit cards and you have the Android Tri-fecta.

      You win! Crappy phones, at low, low prices. Great games only on iPhones and how’s that Identity loss treating you?

    2. How many Android phone are there in the wild that are using the latest version that can make use of all those ‘wonderful’ features? How does ‘modularity’ work for those who don’t or can’t update to the new ‘modules’? How well do apps scale up and down to fit the myriad of screen dimensions? How many Android phones does it take to change a light bulb? We still don’t know because there is no app for it and all the apps that try to make us believe they are capable of it are full of skimmers, viruses and bugs.

      1. As of Jan 2014, it was just over 75% of android phones which had a sufficiently modern OS. That number has risen since then.

        Most apps scale amazingly well for the different screen sizes.

        Viruses are a boogey man. Dont be stupid and you’ll be just fine.

          1. Appear like? I would be embarrassed to own an iphone, in 2014.

            Put up with a lot? All smartphones are limited in some way, but iOS has nothing going for it compared to android, and many limitations.

            How do you put up with that horrible keyboard you have?

      1. Then why is it that so many ex-apple owners keep talking about how great it is to be free from the confines of apple? And frustrated they are when that are forced to use an iphone, having experienced the features, flexiblity, and power of android?

  6. Some people simply have no taste. Look at our culture. Listen to our “popular music.” See the ink on once-beautiful or now-uglier skin. Check out the non-Apple products in Best Buy. I Think Different, and also See Different. Android is a piece of plastic shit. And you don’t have to be a millionaire to buy an iPhone- most peasants spend more money at Christmas than I do on any Apple product.

    1. Well finally! Apple, once an innovator – now a litigator – is FINALLY going to catch up to all those amazing android phones out there with great screens.

      Its nice that they finally upgraded their OS to be almost as good as Android.

      Follow the leaders, Apple. Follow the leaders.

  7. There will always be those that cannot afford the quality that HTC and Sony offer, and who must suffer with small screened iphones desparately lacking in basic features.

      1. You haven’t even seen the iphone 6 jebroni, and we can still compare Samsung an iphone but Sony homie pls where is the competition, you’ll see what’s better soon and be man to afford some quality phone and stop wasting money in shit pieces

  8. Note 3 user who simply cannot see the validity of this fuming argument. Crash rate of iPhone apps is over twice as high. 359 known security vulberabilities on iOS make it a hardly secure platform. Android has 37. Apps in googles play store are not even the source of most malware. So the same benefit to a custom developer is the vulnerability to android users. Natural Selection, I guess. I have used android and iOS both since day one. My main handset was a Treo as well. I have had a far greater experience with the Note than any other product line PERIOD. People who like the iPhone 6 will like it for the sheer reason they like Apple products. It is a WOEFULLY inferior device kept so by a greed on price point. If Apple allowed for a developer model – and superior (or at least market-standard premium) specs, 2.5 ghz processing, enough RAM to make 64 bit processing count, and a ppi higher than 500, then I might care. More than 90$ of the price between the sizes of internal storage is pure profit. THAT is what I oppose! It is not affordability I have an issue with. It is having a pocketable device that can at once make an animated movie, in HD resolution create a boardroom worthy pdf as easy as writing on a steno pad, run an entire mobile office, and be a mobile development platform for SIX programming languages. – all while playing amazing games in 1080p and using less than 30% of my battery. Is there lowbie junk in android, of course. But the open platform, in capable hands, with proper caution, will always be the optimal experience.

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