Apple will continue to dominate set-top boxes

“Amazon’s entry into the Internet-connected set-top box market this week with the Fire TV underscored the growing importance of Internet based video delivery,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha.

“The group of under-$100 boxes is a space that Apple dominated in 2013 with $1 billion in sales of Apple TVs and related content for its fiscal year,” Hibben writes. “With competition from Roku, Google, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV, will Apple lose its leadership position?”

“No,” Hibben writes. “Using exclusive patented technology, Apple’s next generation Apple TV, which may be introduced as early as June, will keep it ahead of the pack.”

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  1. The one thing that can make Apple TV even better is games…powered by Sega! Sega knows their games, and Apple knows their hardware. Not only do you have access to the App Store, but you also have an exclusive collection of Sega Games, and it might even incorporate the SegaPlay website! Please do this, Apple.

      1. my c­­­­o-­­­­wor­­­­ker’s ha­­­­lf-si­­­­ster ma­­­­kes $8­­­­9 /hou­­­­r o­­­­n t­­­­he l­­­­aptop . Sh­­­­e ha­­­­s be­­­­en fire­­­­d fro­­­­m w­­­­ork f­­­­or five mo­­­­nths ­­­­b­­­­­­­­ut las­­­­t m­­­­onth h­­­­er c­­­­heck wa­­­­s $21­­­­382 ju­­­­st ­­­­wor­­­­ki­­­­ng o­­­­n th­­­­e la­­­­ptop fo­­­­r a f­­­­ew h­­­­ours.
        l­­­­ook a­­­­t th­­­­is s­­­­ite……..

  2. What a lame article. So Apple is going to continue to dominate with space age exclusive patented technology? Ok, how about some actual insight into what that is? I’m not suggesting Apple won’t wow us all with a new Apple TV soon, but why bother linking to an article that isn’t even offering anything that most of us not only think but can offer more insight into what Apple might do?

        1. It is you who is on the wrong website. No true Apple fan would say that garbage. Android Authority is waiting for you, Phandroid troll.

        2. Good grief man he’s just stating his opinion, not “FUD”.
          Nobody knows what Apple will do. Any and all articles stating otherwise are suspect.
          Get a grip and stop the hate James.

        3. Sorry JC. But I believe you are wrong here. The man is questioning the author asking for facts and related articles.

          Fanboys are welcome here but most posters and readers are level headed people that JAT respect great software and hardware.

          Just saying.

  3. If you already have an Amazon Prime account, Fire TV is a no brainier and should do well. With free movies with an Amazon Prime. account, their upcoming music streaming service and games too, that’s a nice package. Free 2 day shipping too?
    I think Apple has a lot to lose and better get on the ball.

    1. Not if you have a PS3, PS4, XBOX or any of the other hundred Blu-ray streaming or smart TV devices that have the Amazon streaming video Application included.

      Let’s not forget that you can also AirPlay with any Apple Device to the Apple TV as an added bonus.

      I’m an Amazon Prime customer and also own a Apple TV, iPhone and 4 other devices that included the Amazon video application.

      I won’t be getting this, and it’s just a redundant purchase if you own another device since it is the same, and it dosnt even include HBO GO.

      No, it’s a power grab from Amazon, but I really don’t have any idea who they had in mind to purchase this device, and if you search around the net you will find more outspoken individuals that are just as questionable as I am… Why they do this and for whom is it for.

      1. I have 4 Apple TVs, I love them and I’m looking forward to what Apple does next with the Apple TV. However, Amazon has exclusive content. So I bought one Amazon Fire TV for our home theater and so far I have to say that it’s the best streaming box for someone not in Apple’s ecosystem.

        I have a bazillion different devices that are Netflix (and other) compatible, but the majority of them suck as compared to the Apple TV. Likewise they suck as compared to the Amazon Fire TV.

        For $99, it was an easy purchase simply for that exclusive content, and the games are turning out to be pretty good as well. If the app store takes off, it’s going to be a pretty great device… one that kills Roku.

        If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, the current Apple TV is better in some ways (AirPlay, better UI, iTunes content), but certainly the current Apple TV is lacking in some areas (no voice search, and most importantly, no SDK).

        I’d bet that Apple will update the Apple with an SDK (but I’ve been thinking that for a couple of years now), and will leapfrog over the Amazon Fire TV, but…

        Amazon will still sell the Amazon Fire TV for the same reason why Android exists. Not everyone is going to buy Apple, and there’s enough of a market for those that don’t.

        Amazon may very well end up making more money for an app on the Apple TV than they do in the entirety for the Fire TV, but they’d rather continue to make that money off the Fire TV than lose out to Google Play/Microsoft/Netflix/Roku/PS4/Xbox.

  4. Wow – pretty cool that the author of this article can predict the future. Sure, the Apple TV dominates in sales right now. Will that change? Who the hell knows? I picked up a Fire TV this week and it’s a great device. I own an Apple TV and that is also a great device. They are both very good at very specific things and both support their respective ecosystems very well. The Fire TV – if you actually bother to try it out – clearly does outperform Apple TV in very specific ways (pre-buffering of movies, selection of games, voice search, etc.). Saying that Apple will continue to dominate a market based on a device that isn’t even proven to exist yet is just silly. And by the way, as an Apple customer/user it really shouldn’t be all about “dominating” a specific market, it should be about creating the best version of something in said market. And as competitor set top boxes continue to improve, Apple might not be able to claim the best version forever. Mock all you want, but the Fire TV has serious potential and will only continue to evolve.

  5. AAPL owner, fanboy, own many many Apple products including 2 Apple TV boxes. Also an Amazon prime member. Just got my Fire box this evening. Excellent device overall. Voice search is a breakthrough. Device is very speedy. But the interface needs some work, for example it makes makes me nauseated as the images of each show go whizzing by. But again, it’s a worthy competitor to ATV. 2 things make it worth having in addition to my ATV: Amazon Prime videos and the voice search. Apple needs to step it up with their next generation ATV, as the Fire clearly has lots of room for growth.

      1. Nice of them to tie you into the service… Did you see the breakdown on I fixit and the RFID TRACKING CHIPS THAT. ARE INCLUDED IN THE DEVICES.

        Always live Radio Frequency Identification, just remember if you go on the run for any reason Leave the box behind!

        Not that Amazon would do something like that, but then other controlling factors might use that information for maliciously.

        BEEP BEEP..

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