“The Introduction of a set top box by Amazon is a huge disappointment,” Stock Traders Daily reports for Seeking Alpha. “Smart TVs come with internet connection pre-installed, and although Apple’s set top box was timely because there were no alternatives when that was introduced years ago (smart TVs were not popular), Amazon’s decision to get into the set top business is not only ill-timed, but a complete waste of time.”

“Amazon clearly must do everything they can to compete in the streaming media space, but their focus should be on content not on hardware. People who have smart TVs are moving away from additional equipment anyway, so adding equipment is somewhat counter-trend as well,” Stock Traders Daily reports. “The only free movies and television you can find on Amazon now are the ones you can find for free in other streaming media services too, making them all seem similar. The standout is of course Hulu, which is owned by the companies that produce the majority of the television content, but Hulu’s business model is based on running ads, in addition to paying for Hulu Plus of course.”

Stock Traders Daily reports, “My point here is that it is this content that matters in the competitive world of streaming media, not the hardware, and in that respect Amazon whiffed big time.”

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