Woz delivers the goods (with video)

“A few years ago, Steve and Janet Wozniak came to town to help us have a little fun with our kid Emma,” Buster Doggboye explains via YouTube.

“Emma’s dad met them around the back of the block to give them Emma’s new iMac, and then they drove back around and rang the doorbell to deliver it… and shocked the heck out of Emma and her sister (who as Apple fankids immediately knew who he was) and friends (who only knew of him from ‘Dancing With The Stars’),” Doggboye writes. “Little sister Elizabeth got the iPod Touch as a ‘one more thing,’ and Janet shot the video.”

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: As always, we love Woz!

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    1. Hahaha. Funny on so many levels, but mostly for inciting the sheeple, who are falling over themselves to 1-star you.
      Don’t you love how political correctness turns thinking people into morons?
      1-star this if you agree.

  1. I was hoping the family would react with more enthusiasm.

    It was the dad, near the end, we are talking minutes later, who finally invited Woz in. Sure he couldn’t stay, but wouldn’t that be the first thing on your mind? “PLEASE, please come in!” etc.

    I appreciate that Woz, who could easily let life get to his head, is so down to earth. He drives a simple car, and is a regular guy. I would love him living next door, occasionally sharing street parties, flipping burgers etc.

    I am two degrees of separation from him though. We never have met, but I know Ted Perry, who used to play Segway Polo with him. He’s the guy who most recently sold an Apple I.

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