iPhone 6 rendered based upon leaked schematics

“Based upon leaked schematics discovered by Macotakara of the forthcoming 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variants of the iPhone 6, Nowherelse teamed up with concept designer extraordinaire Martin Hajek to create what may be the most plausible look at what Jony Ive’s next iPhone design would look like yet,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

“All the proportions here are perfect: although it features a larger profile, a super thin design, and an edge-to-edge display, the design still features a beautiful internal symmetry that seems worthy of Apple,” Brownlee writes. “There are some changes: the edges are curved, more organic, and the volume buttons have been unified into a single rocker, but otherwise, it looks like an evolution of the current iPhone 5s. Which is exactly what the iPhone 6 would look like.”

"iPhone 6" concept by Martin Hajek (source: Nowherelse.fr)
“iPhone 6” concept by Martin Hajek (source: Nowherelse.fr)

More in the full article here.


    1. Needs to be as thin as a credit card or I just ain’t buying a iPhone 6. 🙂

      The rounded edges really create a visual imbalance, particularly on the back. Hogwash that it’s more organic – it’s shockingly ugly. And these curves emphasize something that is absolutely a useless form to the function of the phone. Honestly, the HTC One has better appearance. Ugh – did I say that – shot me.

        1. Well the 🙂 should have keyed you in KingMel.
          Also, I was referring to the curved edges not the rounded corners. And there is no debating it will be a success.

          1. I find the radius edges a great improvement and much more
            comfortable to hold compared to the present sharp edged phone. This phone will crush anything Samsung produces.
            Yup, it will be called the “Android Killer”

      1. Actually I prefer the look of the HTC to the iPhone but this baby looks fantastic to my eye. Rounded edges are rather more user friendly than flat ones as any handle designed for grasping will tell you if you grip it. The iPhone gets away with it because it is quite thin without being thin enough to be sharp but curved is clearly a better form to function generally than flat almost every time.where handling is concerned.

  1. “concept designer extraordinaire Martin Hajek”

    So is there a link to articles where this extraordinary concept designer has nailed the previous iPhone designs?

      1. Really? Wow don’t tell my clients then because I would lose a fair amount of work turning diagrams into living visualisations to show how something will look. And I can tell you any decent company will be doing that at various stages internally as things are tweaked.

    1. If Apple keeps thinning out its phones, then photographers will have no choice but to have accessories / cases to add better optics back onto the iPhone. Besides, as Robin says, balancing an iPhone 5S on its edge just doesn’t seem very wise – a well-designed case will improve stability on existing iPhones dramatically.

      Apple might as well round off the corners so the phone again feels as good in the hand as the original iPhone. The current brick design has never been comfortable.

      1. Have to agreed with you on the brick and comfort of iPhone.
        It was never ergonomically right other than size. Yet for all those demanding a bigger phone… soon it will need handles.

  2. The curved edges make it look slightly funky. I would have to hold it to determine wether or not 4.7 inches is to large to use with one hand. With that said I am not sure jony would go for such an odd curved edge like that. I also think that backtracking from the aluminum back that makes the iPhone 5s so sleek unless the new back is now made of sapphire glass and has proved to be more durable and scratch resistant then the currently used aluminum back. With that said it is still very sleek; however, I imagine apple will have a slightly different design but possibly similar.

    1. Yes renderings like this at best give a reasonable approximation. I can’t think of one example of one being especially accurate to be honesty the iPhone. But certainly at the larger size flat edges would be more uncomfortable than present so that t least is a reasonable assumption.

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