Microsoft’s fork in the road

“Office for iPad is off to a promising start as it ranks in the top listings in the App Store’s ‘top grossing apps’ category,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “”

“The view outside of the beltway suggests Nadella won an internal struggle answering the question whether to expand Office’s reach to the dominant tablet player — Apple’s iPad,” Reschke writes. “In doing so, he has also given the nod to the iPad as a legitimate business platform — which no doubt was Ballmer’s hang-up. Ballmer seemed hell-bent on ensuring the iPad failed and that Surface succeeded. However, while many may think that Nadella has solved a major problem and revenues will start to pour in, he’s really just created a larger question.”

“Is Microsoft a software company or an operating system company?” Reschke writes. “That question is the fork in the road which will determine Microsoft’s future.”

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  1. Regardless of any feelings about MS Office itself, releasing it for the iPad was the right choice – and will definitely help MS maintain their relevance in the enterprise. Personally, I kinda like the apps. They’re very well designed, and except for missing print capability, very full-featured. Much easier on the eyes and to use than Office for the desktop.

  2. It’s pathetic that in my line of work (software consultant) that I have no choice but to use the frigging MS Office suite. Many of the tools I use are integrated with Office.

    That said, until the business community finally gets the message, this love affair with this hapless suite of crap will continue. Personally even on the Windows platform, Office is failing – it is getting too convoluted for its own good, and just more confusing for the average user. Office for iPad is more of the same, and too little, too late. And to use it you have no choice but to buy into Office 365.

    The fork in the road, as someone previously pointed out, is definitely been stabbed in MS’ back. Here’s hoping that MS will continue on this downward slope, even faster than before, and we can all move on enjoying iWork – which is more than enough for most of us.

  3. “Is Microsoft a software company or an operating system company?”

    Really? That’s their big dilemma? As if this is something new for MS. Their problems run much, much deeper.

    Stupid question, stupid conclusion, stupid article. I’m surprised this even got reposted here.

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