Occupy founder and current Google employee, calls on Obama to resign, appoint Eric Schmidt ‘CEO of America’

“One of the co-founders of the Occupy Wall Street movement has called on Barack Obama to resign as president, and “appoint Eric Schmidt CEO of America,” Alex Hern reports for The Guardian. “”

“Justine Tunney, a self-styled ‘champagne tranarchist,’ is now a software engineer at Google, but remains involved with Occupy Wall Street, through the occupywallst.org website, which she created,” Hern reports. “In the petition, which currently has two signatures (a far cry from the 195,000 who follow the Occupy Wall Street twitter account Tunney started in 2011), she calls on Obama to arrange a national referendum to: Retire all government employees with full pensions; Transfer administrative authority to the tech industry; Appoint Eric Schmidt CEO of America.”

Hern reports, “Yasha Levine, a reporter for Silicon Valley publication Pando Daily, noted the seeming discrepancy between Tunney’s former anarchist beliefs and her current role at Google. Since her arrival at the firm, he writes, ‘she has become an astroturfer par excellence for the company, including showing up in a comment section to bash my reporting on Google’s vast for-profit surveillance operation.'”

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      1. Justine Tunney seems to have some problems, obviously. It’s too bad that credulous new-critters believe whatever she says. If nothing else, the idea that she is the founder of Occupy (or even that it makes sense to use the word “founder” for what came together through large groups of organizers and participants) is ridiculous.

        Then there’s what she is now doing: being a corporate shill for a company that has almost no respect for privacy. OWS specifically fought against giving power to large corporations. Government corruption via legalized bribery is one of the big problems that OWS activists oppose.

    1. Justine says “Barack Obama to resign as president, and “appoint Eric Schmidt CEO of America,”

      I say a waste of a suggestion. He does not seem to understand how things work in the USA under the constitution. Rules of succession and all…

      so that would make him just another idiot with a big mouth.
      Who happens to work at Google. Hmmmmm????

    1. Occupy did attract a lot of flies, the over-the-edge loons of the left. But I know some incredible people who have been involved that have very high and excellent ideals for my country. Occupy was not entirely poop. The best of Occupy are the folks I’d enjoy replacing our current government puppets and whores.

    1. Hmm, yes, He would sanction Russia over the Crimea mess by forcing them to view ad’s. I can see his CEOness now saying “Yes, we’ll show them Ruskies whose boss by slowing down their economy with Google Ads.
      Whats the next problem to solve?”

      1. US and NATO economic sanctions are far more devastating then most people realize. It makes it harder people affected to get money or food or medicine, and causes many children to suffer malnutrition and die of starvation. Economic sanctions hit civilians and children much harder than military or government targets. Sanctions can last for decades, and tend to remain enforced long after the original reasons for imposing them are relevant. Theoretically, there’s protection for food and medicine, but in practice the sweeping economic sanctions affects all aspects of life. It’s fucking brutal. It’s far more similar to war than people realize. Sanctions only sound less brutal and more civilized because of that’s how politicians want them to sound.

          1. Ah, yes, collective punishment – the sign of an enlightened civilization. /s
            Seriously, sanctions are almost always a terrible idea. Punish those who have little power to make the change you supposedly want. Most of the time, sanctions crush the already-suffering, while keeping the powerful relatively even more powerful.

      1. Reagan: Thespian!

        The Berlin wall was scripted. Everyone knew the wall was coming down long before Reagan made his candy-coated proclamation.

        When 230 of my Marine brothers died in their beds in Lebanon, Reagan retreated, against the advice of the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

        He was financing an illegal war against Iraq and suppling military arms to Iran. WTF over?

        He dragged his feet over the AIDS issue. See the movie, And The Band Played On.

        Reagan believed in astrology and wouldn’t make a move until Nancy said so.

  1. Reminds me of my brother who practically overnight went from Maoist producing his own Che Guevara T shirts to extreme capitalist as soon as he got a proper job and started earning real money to feed his dope habit. Of course like this bozo these people can never quite bring themselves to escape from the idea that they are still working for the people.

  2. Well, Schmidt would be great at spying on everyone, violating their Constitutional rights without remorse.

    But, if we don’t have a president, who will go golfing while America loses their doctors and their health, gives up and goes on food stamps, Iran goes nuclear and Putin annexes whatever he damn well pleases?

    There might be some merit here. I doubt Schmidt could be as much of a stupid, worthless, lying pussy as Barack Obama.

  3. Fascist Corporatism (from Wikipedia)
    Fascism’s theory of economic corporatism involved management of sectors of the economy by government or privately controlled organizations (corporations).

  4. Just a little bit of a discrepancy. Why it is that people in the Valley don’t view Google or even Apple as the corporations they are makes the head spin – Google IS Wall Street, dear.

    Though I’m all for change, this also sums up my feelings about Occupy at the time (I was in the business district in Manhattan the day it began): it’s very easy to be an ‘anarchist’ when you are in college and not responsible to or for anything or anyone else. Then, the day comes when you realize you don’t want to live your adult life in a tent and you too must somehow pay the bills. There are better ways than being a Google shill, though, that’s just pathetic.

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