Apple’s brand is worth an estimated $105 billion, most in the U.S. by far

“According to a study uncovered today by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Apple is the most valuable brand in all of Silicon Valley,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac.

“The study, which was conducted by a consulting agency called Brand Finance, compared the value of 500 different brands to determine which one was worth the most,” Beasley reports. “Each brand’s value was determined by ‘estimating the royalty rate that would be charged for use of the brand and factoring in future revenue.'”

“Much to no one’s real surprise, Apple was ranked the most valuable brand on the list, followed by Google and Microsoft in the second and third spots,” Beasley reports. “According to the results of the study, Apple’s brand is worth $104.7 billion, or about 23% of its market cap. Google, ranked second, has a brand valuation of only $68.6 billion [and Microsoft just $62.8 billion].”

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“Silicon Valley generated seven of the top 50 billion-dollar brand names in the U.S., and Apple Inc. easily ranks as the most-valuable brand, according to a new ranking by Brand Finance,” Sarah Drake reports for the Silicon Valley Business Journal. “A full ranking of the 500 companies can be found here.”

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  1. Worth twice as much as their nearest competitors!

    Google has been climbing steadily innovating in select areas of the Tech sector, but Microsoft has fallen from grace because Ballmer & Gates are clueless clowns who refuse to admit the world has passed them by.

  2. So the cash is $150 billion, the brand is $105 billion. Sounds like it’s undervalued!

    And just like Gruber pointed to yesterday, given Yahoo’s ownership of Alibaba and Yahoo Japan, it seems like Wall Street only likes the companies that sell personal data.

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