Apple mulls iOS Notification Center tweaks, removing Game Center app in iOS 8 and OS X

“Besides adding new Maps, Healthbook, and iTunes Radio applications, Apple plans to enhance and refine the functionality of some of its current pre-bundled applications and features for iOS 8,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“In iOS 7, Notification Center includes a ‘Today’ view, ‘All’ Notifications view, and a ‘Missed’ Notifications view. In iOS 8, Apple is considering reducing the panel to solely include the ‘Today’ and ‘Notifications’ views,” Gurman reports. “After acquiring the team behind the app Cue last year, Apple has likely been working on adding additional pertinent information to Notification Center, but it is uncertain if those enhancements will be ready this year for iOS 8.”

“Sources say that Apple is considering removing the Game Center application from iOS and OS X,” Gurman reports. “Instead of having the (little-used) Game Center app, the functionality will solely be found inside in games that have integrated the social gaming service.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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        1. Of course you are. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it “stinks,” it means you don’t like it (no matter how many Apple devices you own).

          Could be valid, could not be, who knows?

          By way of example, I like iOS 7, and since I think more of my opinion than yours and hate when people try to think for me, then “trolling” kind of fits.

            1. Soooo…you’re posting under 3 different names in one post? Dear Sociopath, people on this Apple-centric site like/love Apple. You trolling is doing nothing except scratching some weird need for attention.

            2. Pondo, we’re gonna have to take you in for psychiatric evaluation. You’re seeing too many doubles. We know you’re Brian McNeal’s double.

            3. I am not ‘Pondo,” though you have to admit that they make a valid point.

              Besides, anyone that would get so invested in an online forum that they would create multiple identities has issues that no operating system will help them with.

              The site is called “MacDailyNews.” The ‘Mac’ in the name refers to Apple devices, so why are you so surprised that when someone says something that’s pretty dim that someone would challenge them?

            4. Let’s deal with the issue at hand, which isn’t how I feel about Apple (They’re awesome, by the way).

              What we’re talking about is your feelings about iOS 7.

              You don’t like it. I get it, but you must be aware that you only speak for yourself, and no one else.

              Which that YOU think iOS 7 stinks, which should be obvious as an your opinion.

              If you had said that, it would still be debatable, because you don’t explain why you think it’s the case (which would still not necessarily make it true) but at least it would be a somewhat valid statement.

              As it stands, I like iOS 7. Once it became familiar to my as iOS 6 was, I liked it.

              Therefore you’re wrong. iOS 7 cannot suck, in the declarative sense, because I like it (as well as millions of other people, for that matter).

            1. What’s your point? Because if you can’t point me to some examples of this exploit being used to compromise an iOS 7 device, then I gotta just shrug.

              Is this something that Joe Sixpack can easily make use of? Does it require physical possession of the device to be compromised? There are so many questions revolving around this exploit that I don’t see the need to be afraid, just for the sake of being afraid. Besides, reading the article you linked to, it sounds very academic, not quite the thing that anyone would do (or could do, for that matter).

              So forgive me if I don’t trash an entire OS over an perceived vulnerability that can just as easily be patched if it’s such a deadly threat.

              By the way, while you’re looking for a real-world example of this exploit being taken advantage of, I can find all sorts of information about Android exploits actively being used.

              And I understand that you didn’t bring up Android, but I would have to ask which is worse: A exploit for a mobile OS that has been discovered in the lab–that as far as anyone knows has hasn’t been taken advantage of in the wild–or exploits that are actively used on a seemingly regular basis.

              I know which I would prefer.

            2. Brian:

              Here is a criticism of iOS 7 design principles, which I happen to agree with. And I agree with Bob, in that iOS 7 is tasteless and flat, and difficult to navigate with the lack of back buttons and unnecessarily flat icons. Where you had navigational icons to show the way in iOS 6, a lot of these have been done away with and replaced with text which is more difficult to see in a small handheld device. The text in Music Player is particularly egregious and breaks many UI principles.

              Enough points to tell you that the iOS 7 is a total piece of shit? Read this:

            3. For you. Why is it that people someone assume that everyone feels the same way they do about something?

              You and Bob have various issues with iOS 7. I don’t find it “tasteless and flat.” In fact, I am not even sure how you can have a “tasteless” mobile device interface.

              iOS 6 was flat, though certain things had the illusion of depth, which was removed with iOS 7.

              So what. Functionality hasn’t changed, esthetics have.

              I am looking at iOS 7 Music Player app on an iPad, and I am not seeing it. I assume that you mean it’s smaller on iPhone, which makes sense since it’s a smaller device.

              I scanned that article. Interesting, but I am not quite seeing your point. It’s essentially all about someone else’s opinion about something, in this case iOS 7. I don’t need to look into someone else’s opinion about iOS 7 because I don’t have an issue with it.

              You do, so you’re looking to buttress your perspective.

              As I said, I have no issue with it, so I don’t need to justify it.

              But you’ll notice that I am not trying to convince or convert anyone else to feel the same way I do, because I don’t necessarily care what other people feel because everyone has their own perspective.

              Even those I don’t think are particularly valid.

        2. Well then you should know better then. What possible point is there in endlessly and moronically making such inane statements as iOS stinks or some such. Do you simply have the need to find other mindless idiots to identify with, safety in numbers perhaps, if so why not simply go to a dating site and key in ‘looking for others without a life’ and leave this site for those with an opinion of more than one syllable.

          1. He has as much right to express an opinion that iOS 7 stinks, and it does stink, as you have to express an opinion that it smells of roses.

            No one attacks your opinion so you should leave him to his, unless you feel particularly aggrieved because you know within yourself that iOS 7 is a total piece of shit and are defending it because you feel it needs defending as it cannot stand on its own merits, which it can’t by the way. It stinks worse than a cow pat in summer.

            1. You’re missing the heart of spyintheskyuk’s point. “iOS 7 stinks” is an inane statement, because it’s not only essentially meaningless, it’s silly.

              If there were a constructive point somewhere there, then I would assume that no one would have any problem with it.

              They might disagree, but that’s their right.

              It’s like if I called someone a poppyhead. Sure, I could do it, but it looks awfully dumb.

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