“Google Maps was leagues ahead of Apple Maps two years ago — and still is, in many respects — but recent studies show Apple is catching up in a big way,” Dave Smith writes for ReadWrite. “According to the most recent insights from ComScore, Apple Maps gained 35 million regular users from September 2012 to September 2013, while Google Maps users across iOS and Android dropped from 81 million in 2012 to just 58.7 million in 2013.”

“On the iPhone, the numbers are stacked in Apple’s favor. Whereas Apple Maps gained 35 million new users in the last year, just 6 million iPhone users rely on Google Maps—and according to The Guardian, one-third of those individuals use Google Maps because they simply haven’t upgraded to iOS 6 or iOS 7,” Smith writes. “In other words, Apple Maps is finally becoming the default app for most iPhone users. Still, despite the boost it received in iOS 7, Apple Maps still has a lot of growing up to do.”

“At least one-third of Apple’s 15 acquisitions in 2013 were for mapping companies. Clearly, Apple is serious about making its maps better — soon,” Smith writes. “This may be the first year Apple Maps finally appeases drivers and public commuters alike, but the new navigation app could also come with a few surprises. Apple might also use augmented reality to provide indoor maps for malls and buildings as well.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Maps is already leagues ahead of Google Maps in many respects.

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