Microsoft’s OneNote for Mac coming to Mac for free this month; Office for iPad due soon, sources say

“Microsoft is planning to release a OneNote for Mac app later this month,” Tom Warren reports for The Verge. “Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the Mac application is part of a broader effort to expand the features and functionality of OneNote.”

“We understand that Microsoft will release the OneNote for Mac app for free, and the company is also planning to make the Windows desktop version available at no extra cost,” Warren reports. “This marks a significant change in the way Microsoft manages OneNote, unbundling it fully from the cost of Office. We’re told part of this free approach is targeted at competitors like Evernote, but Microsoft is also adding additional features to entice people away from the competition.”

Warren reports, “Microsoft is also planning to release Office for iPad shortly, an app that’s expected to debut in the coming weeks.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Microsoft doesn’t get the Apple aesthetic at all. I think that’s one of the reasons why Microsoft products are butt ugly. They have no sense of taste.

    Anyway I used the OneNote app on my iPhone for a day and couldn’t stand the clunkiness. It’s colored as purple as Barney the dinosaur which is as ugly as ugly gets.

    Since there are plenty of third party note taking apps, eg. Evernote, that sync across all my Apple devices, I deleted OneNote from my iPhone as soon as it was humanly possible. Ugly junk. Not recommended that you should sully your Apple product with this tripe.

    1. I’ve used OneNote and it is, indeed, clunky in typical Microsoftian fashion. Evernote, IMO, is much more versatile and useful.

      I’ll give the Mac version of OneNote a shot just for the heck of it but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. I’ve heard good things about OneNote in the past, but no one seems to keep using it. They eventually stop using or switch to something else. I think it’s partially due to everyone’s ADHD when it come to tech/apps, but it’s also because Microsoft doesn’t know how to build sticky/addictive apps.

          1. No, you weren’t. This somewhat rogue musician has played his fair share of bossa nova and samba (especially in youth), and yes, they are distinct, with samba being more up-tempo than bossa nova. The tune to which The Mac That Roared has alluded, Samba de Uma Nota Só, is actually a bossa nova, even though it has ‘samba’ in the name, thus reinforcing the confusion.

  3. I use Note Suite on iOS and OS X. Nice because it uses iCloud to sync.

    Haven’t tried it yet. I’ve just downloaded SoundMark.

    Both of these apps give you tight integration of note taking, drawing, inserting photos and aligning these with recorded sound.

    Right now I think we have a wonderful abundance of apps for this purpose. The harder part is integrating them into a busy schedule and having the time to learn the best ways to use them.

  4. Despite what people are saying on here. I think it’s great that OneNote is coming to the Mac. It’s always great when large developers are committed to the Mac platform, even Microsoft. I use OneNote for my University work and find it works well. I use it on both Windows and the Mac, though of course when on my Mac I have to use the Web app version.

    I’ve tried using other note taking apps like Evernote, however they all seem to follow an email inbox style to notes. In contrast OneNote is more like an electronic ring binder with pages and tabbed sections. I guess your experience depends on what your looking for.

  5. I would complain too much about Microsoft and it’s office suite. The abortion that is the new iWork suite is making me consider switching.

    If Steve was there, that whole department would have been looking for work. Wait till that POS Keynote (the last revision) crashes during a major Apple presentation.

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