6 reasons why Apple’s iPhone 6 has already lost or something

“With Apple’s next smartphone still months away, fans have been gobbling up iPhone 6 rumors faster than Pac-Man on a power pill bender. However, even the hottest rumor mill in tech can’t turn this device into a winner,” Avram Piltch writes for LAPTOP. “Based on everything we know now, the next iPhone will be a year late and a bitcoin short of the competition, doing nothing to slow Apple’s descent from smartphone pioneer to high tech has-been.”

Piltch writes, “Here are six reasons why the iPhone 6 has already lost.”

Weak Camera Features: While current rumors peg the iPhone 6’s camera at either the same 8-MP or a slightly higher 10-MP, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is about to launch with a 16-MP shooter, real-time HDR and goodies like Eraser Mode, which removes photobombers from your pictures, and Best Face, which helps you choose a different expression for each person in a group shot. Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z2 takes the megapixel war a step further on Android, going with a 20.7-MP lens while Nokia’s Lumia 1020 Windows Phone continues its 41-MP dominance.

Poor Battery Life, No Removable Battery: While it is possible that the iPhone 6 will include a higher-capacity battery than its predecessor, the latest rumors peg it with a much-larger 4.7 or 5.5-inch display (perhaps one model with each), which will undoubtedly consume more power… the iPhone 6 will probably ship with a Liquidmetal, unibody design that has a sealed back panel. You’ll have to opt for a battery case if you want extra juice.

Avram Piltch
Avram Piltch
• No NFC: While just about every other phone on the market, most tablets and a slew of laptops now feature Near Field Communication chips, Apple won’t touch this new technology with a 10-foot poll [sic].

• Too Few Sharing Options: I have an easier time getting a 2-year-old to share than an iPhone. While Android has a universal sharing menu that lets you send content to any share-capable service, iOS treats every app as an island unto itself… On Android, I can share from any content app to the most obscure social network or messaging service (ICQ, anyone?), as long as I have it installed.

• Weak Keyboard: iOS doesn’t allow you to install a third-party keyboard. It’s possible iOS 8 will allow more freedom, but we have no reason to believe the iPhone 6 will be any different from previous generations.

• Limited Customization: You don’t have to be a hacker to make major changes to the look and feel of your Android phone. You can add widgets to the home screen, arrange your icons in any pattern you want or even install a completely new launcher. Apple’s design philosophy, which shouldn’t change with the iPhone 6, is to design for the lowest common denominator and offer the fewest choices possible, not letting you change much about the look and feel of the UI.

Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: According to Mr. Piltch, Apple’s “iPhone 6” will be the first iPhone to not set the all-time unit sales record as all other previous iPhone models have done despite the facts that:

Megapixels do not equal camera quality
– Apple’s iPhone 5s battery life beats both Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 and Google’s flagship Nexus 5
– Apple sets the agenda, thanks, and if Apple says NFC stands for No Fscking Chance, then it’s dead technology
– If you think the number of built-in “sharing options” means a smartphone “has already lost,” then you suck at hit-whoring
– Ditto for “third-party keyboards” and “limited customization”

Without further ado, here are our 7 reasons why Apple’s iPhone 6 has likely already won:

1. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone (1st gen.)
2. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone 3G
3. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone 3GS
4. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone 4
5. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone 4s
6. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone 5
7. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone 5s

And, as for Apple’s so-called “descent from smartphone pioneer to high tech has-been,” please see the following articles:

How Android lost global open market share to Apple’s integrated iOS – March 14, 2014
comScore: #1 Apple continues to take U.S. smartphone market share – March 7, 2014
NPD: Affluent US consumers choose Apple iPhones – February 20, 2014
Gartner: Apple gained mobile phone share as smartphones overtook feature phone sales in 2013 – February 13, 2014
Analyst: Apple iPhone took 87.4% of mobile phone profits in Q4 – February 11, 2014
Apple’s iOS gains U.S. share in fourth quarter as Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry decline – February 5, 2014
Android users poorer, shorter, unhealthier, less educated, far less charitable than Apple iPhone users – November 13, 2013
IDC data shows two thirds of Android’s 81% smartphone share are cheap junk phones – November 13, 2013
Android phones 3 times more likely than Apple iPhones to have been bought at discount store – August 22, 2013
CIRP: Apple iPhone users are younger, richer, and better educated than those who settle for Samsung knockoff phones – August 19, 2013
Twitter heat map shows iPhone use by the affluent, Android by the poor – June 20, 2013
Unsurprisingly, survey says Apple’s iOS is highest priority among mobile developers – January 23, 2013

Lastly, hit-whores love to be contacted as it sometimes helps them aspire to greater heights the next time they sit down to scribble their gibberish:

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tom” for the heads up.]

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    1. I like your comment.

      I also noticed that the commenters in the article (on its page) mostly put down the author for his stupid comments.

      Over the last few years, more and more commenters on blog articles have been pro Apple, or at least “be fair” type comments. And the samsung paid or unpaid trolls are getting worse about writing a quality post.

      Just a thought.

    2. Nice comment. He is an a major idiot and is obviously asian or something. He’s an iPhone hater and does not have a sufficient argument to support his claim. APPLE will remain TOP DOG for years to come as they always have in technology. They are the leader today and samsung is playing catchup with apple. They try and try but their cheap hardware and non working software will never top apples miracles invention. They came from doing MACs and iPods to inventing something that revolutionized the cell phone world. They are the onse that made the industry recognizable and caused every company to want to create something better. With that said, apple is still on top and samsung needs to start looking beyond the device and start considering re assessing their attack on apple because that shit is not working and will not work.

      1. Well hes right, and your the idiot! My galaxy note 1, gt-n7000 is 3 years old! Do these specs look familiar 1.4ghz dualcore processor 1gb ram 8mp camera, they should there the same specs the iphone 6 has and my note1 with the same specs is 3 years old. So keep useing your ios iphone that app crashes twice as much as android, and have fun with ios 8 its a mess of problems at the moment. Hope you dont have an iphone 4s and upgrade to ios 8, because you might as well throw it in the bin! just look it up on the web! the laugh is on you! Idiot!

    1. Some who are not honest receive payment to blacken the Apple name. I think there are many of them. They may not hate Apple. When they receive payment, they use the money to secretly buy Apple products. They do not want to be called fanboy, but they want to own a good thing that works.

  1. The iPhone 6 is the easiest perdition any one can bet on in the longest time. It’s going to easily be the best selling iPhone in Apple history.
    First, with the dual core 64 bit chip already trouncing everything on the Android side, you can only bet the A8 is going to further obliterate every phone on the market.
    Second, the only player left in the Android market has already shot it’s wad with the Galaxy 5 dud being dead in the water.
    Third, with the upcoming larger screen, will ANYBODY now have any reason even entertain getting an Android phone?

    1. I wil buy an Android, this guy is right i have tried to bluetooth music to an iphone with no luck! at all. I found out apple dosent support this trechery! No otg ready in a prenium device which is all files thats right all files music movie pictures pdfs zips anything you can put on a usb flash drive. I send home movies to Relatives with a simple transfer to a usb flash drive, they put in there 50 inch plasma and watch, what could be easier than this. Apple dont support! Still no full hd screen when androids are going Quad screens totally blowing the lowest resoultion retina out of the water, no water proofing at all. The list goes on! and on and on. And yes i have been taping my galaxy for payment at checkout for a while now. Iphone dosent support. A bunch of icons on a stale childish screen with tonka toy like looks! horses for courses you buy the iphone i buy a multi media device that shares to anything on the planet except an iphone! they even got by regulations that all phone makers use 1 charging cable. They get there boffins to find a loophole so they could charge the consumer $30 for a cable when every other company has micro usb the standard. I could go on and on about the limitations of this device but most people here see only thru rose coloured glasses! And have blinkers on! 🙂

    2. Yep A Non full hd screen of the iphone is going to thrash the Quad resoultion screen of the galaxy note, 1gb ram is going to crush the 4gb ram of the note as well. Sounds like little bo peep meets Godzilla! to me. Wow any clown knows that a 64 bit pushing a non HD screen around is going to be quick! try a Quad screen and the 1gb ram on the toy will slow down like being stuck in mud!

  2. Do I ever trust a “tech advisor” that doesn’t know the difference between “pole” and “poll”?


    If you can’t get your words correct (which is technically your JOB) then your credibility is lost. That said, glaring errors in grammar, spelling, and general lack of proof reading ability in anti-Apple articles do make me happy, as the quality of the individual (and by extension their opinion) become self evident…


  3. Your negative comments will be lost on Piltch. Guys like this are so narcissistic that they get off on reading and seeing their own words and pictures that they themselves posted, and think everyone else is oohing and aahing over their clever comments, just like they do.

  4. Are you kidding me…? Every one of those so-called “reasons” are either bogus or are (intentionally) present in current and past iPhones, yet Apple still somehow manages to have record-breaking sales for iPhones. 🙂 This moron basically wants Apple to produce an Android phone.

    1. Yeah, if this guy was writing during the early iPod era, he would have written a list of reasons the next iPod “had already lost”:

      — Won’t play WMA files
      — Won’t have an FM receiver
      — Won’t allow drag-and-drop file loading

      That’s what we went through from 2002-2006. Sales proved year after year that consumers didn’t care about those features, but no, this year was the year the consumers would finally understand, the pundits were sure of it. The same thing is going on with the iPhone now.


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