Pioneer Electronics preps aftermarket Apple CarPlay compatibility

“Pioneer Electronics, a company that manufacturers many in-car electronic systems, is looking into the possibility of implementing CarPlay compatibility with both its existing and future products,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “The news comes courtesy of a Pioneer customer service representative and was relayed to MacRumors via a reader.”

“It appears CarPlay could be introduced into a wide range of existing vehicles through Pioneer, which offers aftermarket navigation and audio systems for cars,” Clover reports. “Mercedes-Benz, one of Apple’s official CarPlay partners, has also indicated that it is working on aftermarket installations, but Pioneer’s potential solution is more promising as it would be available in a wider range of existing vehicles.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. I will buy one!

    I thought iOS in the Car had potential, but I never considered aftermarket installations. I hope this comes true. It would be fantastic.

    I wouldn’t expect any company show any interest in an aftermarket Google Maps, MapQuest, or Waze. but I wonder Google would offer to pay them to offer a Google Maps option, just to avoid letting Apple have the segment of the market.

    1. Would you consider getting it if it only had the ability to connect through a Lightning connector or will you wait for a WiFi capable version.

      It’s a tad inconvenient having to hook & unhook a physical connector every time you get in & out of the car. Pain in the ass really, a bit like global warming.

      1. From what I saw, all the new cars using Carplay used a physical cable. A benefit being that it keeps the iPhone charged during the drive. Maps and GPS put a real drain on the battery.

        1. It’ll be a gimmick the first few times you get in the car but after the tenth time? Seriously? I don’t know if I’d have the patience to plug in the phone for a trip to Walmart.

        2. CarPlay does not work over WiFi or Bluetooth (yet). No word from Apple as to whether it ever will. I think part of the purpose of CarPlay is to get the iPhone out of sight, or at least get it to not be what you’re looking at while driving down the road. A physical connector helps that.

      2. Whenever you get into your car with a mobil device (Apple or other kind) you should get in the habit of plugging it in to charge.
        You’re sitting there, your car has power, why not charge it?

      3. You’re forgetting the advantage of plugging in — charging the iPhone. Otherwise you’re using WiFi/Bluetooth constantly and your iPhone will drain quickly.

        I have an aftermarket dock connector installed in my ’06 BMW 330Ci. It replaces the ash tray and my iPhone stands up just like a dock connector on a clock radio, etc. Something along those lines would be very easy and convenient to use.

        BMW currently has phone holder connectors in the armrest of its cars; you buy a different connector depending on the phone you have, the connector plugs into the car and has the dock/lightning/USB connector for your phone. So you don’t have to fumble with a cable, you open the armrest and plug the phone in.

        1. Sounds like a good solution to me. A flexible bit of design from manufacturers shouldn’t be beyond their capability surely, and an opportunity for after market suppliers if they can’t be bothered or on older models.

    2. I built my own with a in-vent holder and some wire and epoxy. I drop the phone in the cradle when I get in and it charges and feeds the stereo via AUX on the back of the radio. Just grab the phone up and out when leaving! It started life with the 30-pin and now has the 30-pin to Lightning adapter on it. More details if you’d enjoy the project!

  2. I have an aftermarket stereo in my 2001 SLK230. It’s a Pioneer DEH-X9500BHS. It integrates with my iPhone perfectly. It was easy to set up the phone with it. I had the USB interface put in the glove box (that locks). The installation costs weren’t bad at all. Pioneer equipment is very good, and I would imagine that their implementation of CarPlay will be excellent.

  3. With all the bad press that Ford received for the SYNC w/ MyFord Touch recently, I’d hope Pioneer would quickly make a replacement head unit for all SYNC w/ My Ford Touch vehicles. I’m also hoping they make a replacement badge for the dash, so I can remove that “SYNC powered by Microsoft” badge that currently defiles my C-max dashboard!

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