Yet another reason to love Apple

“I am deaf and must have closed captions or subtitles included in videos in order to enjoy them,” Ian MacGregor blogs.

“A few months ago I attempted to purchase one of my favorite movies, entitled Robots, from iTunes. However, after finding the movie on iTunes, I noticed it wasn’t closed captioned,” MacGregor explains. “So, I contacted Apple via the Apple Feedback website and asked them if they would add closed captions to this movie so I could purchase it. Closed captions are usually added in iTunes at the same time the movie is added, you can verify this by checking out the most recent movies.”

“This morning I happened to search for this movie again,” MacGregor reports. “Guess what.. it’s now closed captioned! I have sent Apple a ‘thank you’ note, via their feedback website, and will be purchasing this movie as soon as possible. Apple really listens!”

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    1. As predicted by my post 2 minutes before yours. It’s a SPAM attack, a DOS, a cyberterrorist invasion at $81 dollars and hour, quick call the poli…oh wait, this is an American web site, I almost forgot terrorist nations allow stuff that that.

      Sorry about that, please by all means continue your cyber torture. It’s the American way.

  1. If you weren’t blind, you’d wish you were. The iOS 7.1 app transition to home page motion is making me sick. Yet another unnecessary appendage to iOS 7, like having 11 fingers or webbed feet.

    Ive might think that’s funny but most users think it’s revolting.

      1. We? Not all of us are mindless fanboys. You certainly don’t speak for anyone but yourself. And apparently you don’t think for yourself. The rest of us form our own opinions based on what we like and what we don’t like not on whether or not we will be perceived as someone who isn’t walking lock step with mindless fanboys. Millions of people hate iOS 7. Many love iOS 7. That’s their opinion. Who are you to tell someone what they do and don’t like. Blind allegiance is just that. Blind. Latch onto something else in life more important to make you feel good. Or better yet, go out and do something with your life. And have another glass of Kool-Aid.

        1. Bob,
          Trevor is making a career of complaining. I find it improbable, in the extreme, that someone with SO many gripes about Apple and iOS would immediately update, without waiting for reports/reviews.

          Very illogical action, therefore he is possibly not someone with valid problems.

          1. The trouble is, Smith, that you can’t think beyond the next meal which is why you have no imagination to think, much less guess at what is probable or plausible.

            1. Trevor,
              The problem here is that your post had absolutely nothing to do with the article. You have every right to your opinion, just as we all do. All some of us ask is that you express it at the appropriate time.

            2. I took the opportunity to slip in a somewhat ‘jokey’ entry on this article owing to the fact that it related to the deaf by saying that you had to be blind to like iOS 7. It was taken too literally by the Kool-Aid drinkers, none of which is my fault, although if they had made replies not directly attacking me, like the one below by Brian McNeal, I would have replied respectfully.

            3. Later post to Bob — See! Just look down this page. “Trevor” is not someone simply expressing some problems. He’s on an incessant rant, mixed with obscenity and personal insults — basically behaving like a petulant 14-year-old jerk, in a manner that would get his face punched in if taken down to the local bar.

            4. John, I respect your approach to this indecency problem. I now understand the social dynamic as a phenomenon unique to the Internet: trolling (unpaid) is an exuberant expression of rebellion rooted in schoolyard politics, and composed of a mixture of those who delight in shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre, and those who delight in shouting ‘theatre’ in a crowded fire (as Paul Krassner put it). Both interfere in our serene contemplation of technology. Somehow, we must all learn to navigate through these philosophical shoals.

            5. The cliché from my pre-Web days is the pathetic little jerk who would (with friends watching) go up to the front door of some old lady, ring the bell and run away — and somehow think that was funny.

          1. It is often said here and elsewhere that Apple devotees are like unthinking lemmings drinking the Kool-Aid with no critical thinking faculty of their own, following the herd in Apple worship as it were.

            You’re the embodiment of a lemming, Paul. And yes, fuck you too asshole.

    1. Sorry that you have found others to be so cruel in the face of your particular disabilities however with the prospect of global warming and the rising of the seas webbed feet will probably be an advantage and you can never have enough fingers you know.

          1. Stick to cooking chicken curry, Currie you worthless idiot. There must be hundreds of people with unregistered nicks on this forum, including the ones above me, yet I’m picked out as an anonymous troll.

            Your bias is showing, fool.

            1. Again, low intelligence, high sadistic tendencies in evidence, aka trolling.

              Give up. You’re so obvious. Well worth ignoring. Thus my helpful suggestion of faking another nick. Get it? Too stupid to comprehend?

            2. “Trevor”, there is A LOT of difference between an anonymous troll and the many anonymous posters. It’s very easy to pick you (troll) out, due to:
              – incessant negativity
              – the manner in which that negativity is expressed

      1. Was there a point to be made amidst the drivel you wrote? None that I can see. That’s par for the course for a complete idiot like you.

    2. I am using the upgrade on an iPad 2. The first thing that I noticed was the the keys look different, bolder. The same thing for fonts.

      Other than that, I don’t quite see what you’re complaining about.

      I know that I am asking a bit much, but you might want to be a tad specific, as opposed to ranting seemingly without rhyme or reason.

      1. I have made my point quite clear. The transition between windows going from app window to home screen window, the zooming in motion is unnecessary, adds nothing to the UI experience (it was absent in iOS 6) and induces motion sickness, even with the reduce motion option turned on in Settings.

        iOS 7 has to have gimmicks to keep the crowd entertained because all of its ‘improvements’ are in the visual area which is Ive’s specialty. Usability isn’t his strong suit, and it shows in the UI.

        He should stick to hardware and leave software to experts like Forstall and others.

            1. Smith, I have always had a sneaking suspicion that your education level never exceeded grade school but now you’ve confirmed it. I won’t call you retarded because that would insult people with lesser abilities.

              I quote from my post above: “… and induces motion sickness, even with the reduce motion option turned on in Settings.”

              Why am I not surprised that your comprehension level of the English language has not exceeded kindergarten grade. Oh wait you were one of the kindergarten kids Apple used to design iOS 7.

            2. Trevor, Trevor, Trevor. Good try on giving “logic” a go there, but didn’t quite make it. Thanks for trying. Better luck next time.

              The point is allajunaki was trying to help you. The fact that his help wasn’t needed, given what you wrote (“even with the reduce motion option turned on”) doesn’t matter. The critical point is that he was, out of the goodness of his heart, trying to HELP.

              Then, that detail of what you wrote is irrelevant to my general message of, “Don’t bother trying to help ‘Trevor’. That’s not why he’s complaining.

            3. Hang, what do you mean by
              “… and induces motion sickness, even with the reduce motion option turned on in Settings.”
              At least on my iPad3 and iPhone5 all I see is fade transition once I turn them off. So how does Fade transition causes motion sickness, there is “no motion” to start with. I’m just curious how your brain thinks “Fade = Motion”.

  2. I take movies off of DVDs and put them on my mini connected to my TV. Thank God for VLC, because Apple junk doesn’t support VOBSUBs — *the most popular* way subtitles are encoded in DVDs (other than CC), and *the easiest* kind of subtitle to get into an MP4 with something like Handbrake. Feedback? Yup. Response (I don’t mean a personal response)? Nope.

  3. I have submitted many things in bugreports and the feedback and other ways and usually get them implemented. Things like adding the date to the Menu Bar to Time Machine to spaces to auto proxy to mcxrefresh cli utility to many others! They do listen!

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