Can Apple help make hearing aids cool?

“People wait in long lines and even camp out to get their hands on new Apple devices as soon as they’re available. But they drag their feet, sometimes for years, when it comes to purchasing another piece of technology that could greatly improve their lives: hearing aids,” Heather Kelly reports for CNN.

“Hearing-aid manufacturers and audiologists hope a new collaboration between them and Apple will help,” Kelly reports. “Danish hearing-aid company GN ReSound last week announced a new hearing aid that’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Called LiNX, the device syncs wirelessly with the newest Apple mobile devices and takes advantage of iOS 7’s new accessibility options for the hearing-impaired.”

“At its most basic level, the LiNX acts like a hybrid of hearing aids and stereo Bluetooth headphones. Phone calls, FaceTime chats, music, movies, turn-by-turn navigation or other audio can be streamed directly to a small earpiece,” Kelly reports. “When they’re not pulling in audio from a smartphone or tablet, the hearing aids work like normal, picking up in-person conversations and surrounding sounds.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Maybe they will give her a raise. So what do you think, is Ronald male of female? I mean Ronald is a guy’s name but the icon sure looks like a woman.

      1. Oldest trick in the book, I’ve seen it on other sites for years. Ronald here has switched at least once already. Unless his best friend has more than one sister.

        1. Yes the Espana domain, though it looks like there are other commercial uses for it. Thanks for the play by play. Ooh another exciting Monday at MDN.

    1. The site’s ccTLD is .es for España.

      Average annual salary in Spain ~ $18,000
      Best friend’s sister’s annual salary = $12,458*12=$149,496

      I don’t want to know what the job is

  1. As I was reading the functions of these devices I thought, hell, my hearing’s fine, but I’d still be interested in something like this that doesn’t scream “I’m a blue tooth headphone dork.”

  2. Nothing Apple could do would make hearing aids cool. But Apple could certainly make hearing aids much more convenient, adaptable to different noise situations, and customizable for users.

    1. Good idea. Jony Ive should create an Apple sub-brand for stuff like that, since he likes to design random things for fun.

      I “thought different” by putting three curved corner desks together to make a perfect 3/4 circle desk. A lot more area and ergonomic for lots of screens and other work than a typical straight desk. Also looks cool.

      No way would Apple clutter up stores with furniture, but if they created connectable curved 4k screens I would by enough to surround myself!

  3. I’m old. Old enough to have many friends who have paid as much as $10K for aids. – That they never wear.
    Among the dozens of folks who wear these things, not one wears them beyond the first 6 weeks. Not one.
    I can only assume that they are not ready for prime time – at least outside of the profoundly deaf.

        1. my brother-in-law got $8K+ hearing aids for free thru his health care. Reality is different for different folk. He dont wear ’em cuz he don’t like ’em. But somebody still paid for them and it wasn’t him.

  4. Well, there’s already a hearing aid mode in the Accessibility control panel of the iPhone. It connects the phone to specific brands of hearing aids. I’m not sure which brands or what the function is, but Apple has already established the function.

    Something “enhanced” has my interest. I only have one ear with sufficient hearing damage. And I do wear the hearing aid all the time 😉

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