Will Apple’s exclusion of Pandora hurt CarPlay?

“Apple’s new service that allows your iPhone to take over the in-car audio system and in-dash screen display won’t include popular streaming music service Pandora or Google Maps,” Daniel Kline writes for The Moteley Fool. “Not including these services makes business sense for Apple as the company is trying to compete with Pandora through its iTunes Radio and Google is planning a rival in-car product. But the moves are unlikely to be well-received by Apple’s customers.”

“CarPlay will not work with just any app that can be installed on an iPhone. Instead Apple will be working with specific partners along with offering its own services. These partners include a number of music services — Spotify and iHeartRadio — but not Pandora. Similarly Apple Maps will be offered but Google Maps won’t,” Kline writes. “The lack of Google Maps in CarPlay may not be as big a deal now, however, as Apple has greatly improved its own Maps app. ‘Apple Maps has thankfully improved dramatically since its disastrous launch. In my experience it’s nearly on par with Google Maps. It just lacks the web integration and extra data available on Google Maps like the destination’s StreetView along with some pertinent review data,’ wrote TechCrunch‘s Matt Burns.”

“Apple is likely excluding Pandora as a way to push its own similar iTunes Radio service. That may anger some Pandora fans, but it’s not as critical a problem as having faulty maps. Not being able to use Pandora through CarPlay won’t get you lost or point your car toward a river,” Kline writes. “Pandora had a measured response to being left out as the company clearly needs to stay on Apple’s good side. ‘At this time, Pandora is not integrated with Apple CarPlay. As a first mover in the auto space, we continue to broaden our relationships with OEMs while also exploring other opportunities to expand our presence in the car. Apple has been and continues to be a valued partner,’ the company said in a statement sent to MacRumors.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s CarPlay page states quite clearly:

CarPlay supports other apps on your iPhone. Stay tuned for even more supported apps coming soon.

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      1. OR, it could be that Pandora won’t agree to Apple’s terms and conditions for participating in the CarPlay program, and therefore it’s locked out. Same for Google Maps.

  1. My problem with Apple Maps is that it’s directions to 3 of my recent destinations are wrong. Even though I have reported the errors to Apple, they haven’t been fixed.

    1. I reported my daughters school almost 3 years ago, and Apple still has not found it. To googles credit they knew it 3 years ago, albiet across the street. pay attention atim Cook,

      Rivers Edge High School, 975 Gillespie St, Richland, WA 99352

      1. I have seen the same problem with Google and Apple, although I find Apple has better directions than Google.

        FWIW, either is a huge improvement over the old Tom Tom maps I had on my Palm Vx, or the DVD-based navigation in my 2006 BMW (might help if I updated the DVD, but at $150 that’s not happening when I have an iPhone).

      2. I’m a huge Apple fan, but I can’t HONESTLY say I believe Apple’s location services are up to par… Compared to anybody else.

        I’ve reported wrong streets, old locations, houses on the wrong side of the road and Apple has fixed NOTHING. This was 1-2 years ago, so they’ve had time.

        Just because I buy all Apple products does not mean I use all Apple software. I still prefer Firefox to Safari any day.

    2. @ Brian Blumberg

      And how long does google take to fix things? Or are you comparing a 10 year + mapping service and comparing to a 3 year + service from apple? Apple has is nearly as good as google and in some instances better and same thing about google to apple maps.
      Consider that the younger service will match or even surpass google maps in a short period of time.

      1. That excuse wears thin when basic, easily-verified data remains uncorrected for over a year. Apple could’ve easily employed enough people whose sole job is verifying user reports and fixing them.

        1. BS
          EVERY mapping database has errors. Google has reported (and easily correctable) errors in their for several years.
          After having used both Apple’s and googles I would (and do) use Apple’s exclusively.
          Google is the king of creating social media & blogger hype. It works for a while but the FUD finally wears out when people discover the truth.

          1. I’ve personally come across too many errors in Apple maps for me to trust it exclusively. For places I’m unfamiliar with I *always* punch the same search into GMaps to verify. 1/3 of the time they do not agree.

            For example the biggest bank in the city literally has 2 dozen branches within 10 miles of where I live, and iOS Maps finds… 2 of them. A quick count on GMaps seems to show all of them.

    1. There is a CarPlay API, but Apple isn’t letting just any developer have it. The developer has to agree to abide by CarPlay rules, which is important. You don’t want some game like Flappy Bird showing up on your car’s screen because an API was available.

  2. If Apple is NOT cooperating with Pandora?
    Yes, it will hurt CarPlay.

    If Pandora is not cooperating with Apple?
    Yes, it will hurt Pandora. (see MDN take)

    Google Maps? Screw them, Apple maps works great now, better in many ways. (The Google part is just my knee-jerk reaction and my own opinion)

  3. In the initial rollout Apple ALWAYS starts with a limited list of partners. When the general API is complete Pandora and Spotify, and Beats will all be present if they desire.

  4. I saw this demoed on a Ferrari. The UI made the Ferrari look bad, that’s what is going to hurt carplay. Embarrassing. Tacky half-ass teen girl OS on a Ferrari? Om a luxury car? GTFOH

      1. it will make any car look tacky. Steve Jobs would flip put if he knew such a half ass implementation such as this was making eyesores of otherwise nice car interiors. I love Apple, but this is just bad, bad. Early Android bad,

  5. Pandora? Typical US-centric obsession. There are tens of millions of Apple users, and probably car owners too, who cannot use Pandora, because it does not exist outside CONUS, and streaming providers are absolutely useless outside of major urban areas in the UK, because the networks cap data at 1Gb/month, and that’s even assuming there’s a signal available, let alone data. Mobile music streaming is a complete fantasy.

  6. I have my iPad on a RAM-Mount in my car. In my experience, traffic conditions display much better on Google Maps than Apple Maps. Also, I have found Pandora to have better playlists and song selection than iTunes Radio.

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