Apple’s CarPlay and safety

“It’s no surprise that some organizations are raising safety concerns about Apple’s forthcoming CarPlay technology, but the ship has already sailed on their main concern: distracted drivers,” Jim Dalrymple writes for The Loop. “The fact is, CarPlay will help alleviate many of the biggest distractions in cars today.”

“Drivers are distracted. This isn’t new, drivers have been distracted since the first automobile rolled off the assembly line—people are talking, music playing on the radio, even other cars are distracting,” Dalrymple writes. “What is new is that, if anything, drivers are becoming more distracted. Text messages, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter and many other beeps and vibrations take a driver’s eyes off the road to focus on their devices.”

“What we need is a technology that will allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road—that’s what CarPlay delivers,” Dalrymple writes. “With a touch of the voice button, Siri will handle most tasks that you want to do with CarPlay. If you don’t use Siri, you’re missing out on a great technology. Siri will be CarPlay’s secret weapon. It will allow you to manipulate CarPlay without being physically distracted by looking down at your device. Technology and safety all rolled into one unit. CarPlay is, from my experience with in-car navigation systems, safer than anything else I’ve used.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on Wednesday:

What’s less distracting, dealing with a user interface that’s familiar to over a billion iPhone, iPod and iPad users made by the world’s absolute leader in user interfaces or trying to deal with with the convoluted, generally awful, and confusing morass of so-called user interfaces found in vehicles today?

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  1. Well I can see Apple’s CarPlay creating an impact on drivers, after all, Apple is well known for products that just work. And if your car infotainment center is easy and simple to use, then you’ll use it more, and more and more! Every nook and cranny of CarPlays capabilities will be explored and used. THAT is why the experts fear Apple being a greater risk!

    Noe with Microsofts notariety of BSoD and Googles Android openess to malware, their products my be a little harder on the drivers who become frustrted, give up on heir car infotainment system nd just plug back in their iPods…

      1. I think you are right about iOS apps on CarPlay. People will use their car screens 1000% more than they did.

        I suspect Apple is going to set a high bar for approving apps for CarPlay to keep its reputation stellar.

        I don’t personally have a beef with Android, but the idea of drivers fumbling through terrible interfaces on sketchy Android car apps downloaded from who-knows-where scares the hell of me.

    1. Just as that Obamacare shit has no place being touted by non-subscribing Hollywood actors, athletes, pundits, media and sporting events, holidays, websites…

      Speaking of getting old, that ‘It’s George Bush’s fault’ that had been going on for 4 and half years… Or playing the only card the Left has in their hand, the race card, that too has just been way over used. They’re diluting the meaning of the word. Obama Libs need to just stop.

      1. As usual, there’s a lot more going on in the world that the 1 dimensional political spectrum. It’s a 3D world. There’s plenty of blame to go around from left, right and center, for a lot of different reasons.

        Now back to the subject at hand: Apple.

  2. I have to say we in the west, or should I say we caucasian in the west have always found things like Dancing, rhythm, and most sports just a little challenging. Now we can add another to that list, texting while driving.

  3. I generally Like Jim Dalrymple, but he is wrong to say that all those technologies “take a driver’s eyes off the road” — We take our eyes off the road. Don’t blame technology for your own poor choices!

  4. Yeah! The biggest distraction are potholes and speed limit signs. Either you check your speed every other second or look for holes so you can avoid damage to your car-and don’t tell me the answer is slower driving cause you can not drive 30 and be speeding!

  5. I saw the video demo in the Ferrari – lots of near manual scrolling and plenty of other interface features that would draw the eye and mind from the task of getting from point A to point B in one piece.

    It’s not gonna kill as many people as Big Macs or Marlboros – or even likely the way people use their devices in cars already, – and it may also prevent some bad things from happening – but clearly, there will be incidents….

  6. Garmin already offers an inexpensive HUD It would likely cost only $100 to incorporate into cars. Big three sells Navigation/Entertainmant “options” for over $2K. HUD display units on Ali express for less than $75. The just need to incorporate a bluetooth link and have the Maps app incorporate the proper programiing to make these work. Good add on product for Apple to reach the legacy cars.

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