No, Apple’s CarPlay does not ‘run BlackBerry’s QNX’

“There are some stories floating around about CarPlay being run by, powered by, or something by QNX, BlackBerry’s embedded operating system division,” Rene Ritchie reports for iMore.

“A better way to phrase it is that CarPlay ‘takes over the user experience’ of in-vehicle infotainment systems running QNX,” Ritchie reports. “Here’s the thing: Apple doesn’t make or license embedded operating systems for smart cars just like they don’t make or license embedded operating systems for TVs. They simply hook into what’s already there, be it a Ferrari or a Panasonic, via CarPlay or Apple TV.”

“When a car company partners with Apple, the QNX team (or maybe the embedded Android team or whomever runs the infotainment system) absolutely has to make sure everything that CarPlay needs is in place,” Ritchie reports. “That’s why Apple works with them. Which is pretty much what they had to do in the past, albeit in a much simpler way, for the old iPod connectors program… There’s a huge advantage to this approach. If you have an iPhone, you get in, plug in, CarPlay comes up, and you go. If you don’t have an iPhone, you get in and whatever infortainment experience the manufacturer has built-in comes up. ”

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  1. Yeah, but that’s also about to change as other Android devices too will integrate with QNX in the future. Don’t think that this weeks Geneva Auto Show announcement won’t be followed by other players in the mobile phone space as well.

    Again, Apple leads, but others will surely be players in this space. For the auto manufacturers it makes total sense too. Let any phone interface with your onboard system, that way they’re not pigeonholed supporting one brand over the other.

    Now, Apple’s challenge will be to provide the best experience. Which they likely will do as has been proven time and time again.

      1. Virus infecting QNX? Impossible. Virus affecting Android, yes and we seen it every single day. QNX would simply terminate the Android process, thus eliminating the virus and begin a new Android process. Most of the time, the user won’t even notice anything, because on the outside all will seem like its running fine.

        This is why QNX is found in Medical Equipment, Nuclear Power Plants, Defense Systems etc. because its a Mission Critical Real Time OS based on a Micro-Kernel structure.

        Simply, QNX is the best.

    1. Well, not quite. The QNX team is working with Apple to make sure all Apple hardware can correctly and completely interface with their in-car systems. Apple makes this easy by providing CarPlay (a consolidated definition of features, APIs, etc).

      There is absolutely NO WAY QNX team is going to work with every Android manufacturer, on every single different hardware model, in order to make sure they can interface properly and completely with their in-car system. They may bother with Samsung, only if Samsung delivers something similar to CarPlay; otherwise, having to deal individually with each different model is simply never going to happen.

      Apple will most likely remain the only serious player in the car game.

      1. The problem Android will have is that any usage similar to CarPlay would really have to be done by Google. None of the handset makers have anywhere near the software development necessary to pull off such a feat.

        1. I can agree with Predrag’s comments, but as Bizlaw points out, Android’s interface with QNX will come from Google and likely be “baked” in so, that, just as an iPhone (iOS device) can interconnect/interoperate with the vehicles onboard system, so too will Android. Don’t think for a minute that the car manufacturers will be leaving out other major players. Though Apple may have the initial inside track on implementation.

          The elegance of the implementation will be up to the device we be up to the OS APIs and ties with automakers. I also see a day when QNX or some variant will be a standard across the board as devices and their use in vehicles become synonymous.

        1. mmmmmmm yeah sure. Everyone but you hates Apple. Right? Everyone who posts here is an iHater. Right? Anyone who is critical of Apple is a troll. Right? Careful, they’re watching you!

  2. Perhaps you should try listening to the video properly. applepostle is correct, she asked Siri to do something that did not exist. It had nothing to do with a pre-planned demo. She asked Siri to run the “ESPN Playlist”, which did not exist, when she meant to ask Siri to run the “ESPN Podcast”, which did exist and ran perfectly once she asked properly.

  3. That’s exactly what I said in my comments to yesterday’s CarPlay article yet, strangely, all those comments got voted down.

    It seems that Blackberry/QNX wishful thinkers were out in full force…

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