Apple’s OS X Snow Leopard is not dead

“Last week, Apple released OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion specific fixes for the ‘go to fail’ SSL certificate issue,” FairerPlatform reports. “The mothership did not, however, release an OS X Snow Leopard fix, which lead a notable chicken little (aka ComputerWorld’s Greg Keizer) to state that Apple had de facto abandoned OS X 10.6.”

“In a word, no,” FairerPlatform reports. “No, Apple has not abandoned OS X Snow Leopard, which runs one about one-in-five Macs, and we know this based on two simple facts.”

FairerPlatform reports, “Firstly, OS X Snow Leopard does not include the faulty ‘go to fail’ code.”

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        1. Photoshop CS4 stopped running after I upgraded to Mavericks, but Illustrator and InDesign CS4 still run fine. Photoshop would crash upon startup every time. I had to upgrade my suite to CS6 to get my workflow running again.

      1. Mavericks broke iMovie HD (iMovie 6), dadgummit.
        Strangely, iMovie HD works the best on Mt. Lion.
        I keep Snow Leopard alive on a mac pro to run
        Apple really should….blah blah blah. Like
        talking to a brick wall. Good thing they build
        the hardware so robust so there is plenty
        of older hardware to find on eBay et al.

        1. That is precisely why I added an external hard drive with Snow Leopard as I outlined in an entry below. People have said “you can do everything with Pages that you can do with Appleworks, including importing the files”. Well, either I am missing something along the way or am too old/dumb to figure it out because I can never get it to work. Not to worry, it works for me and I’m happy!!

  1. SL was a great OS. Probably the best and certainly the most stable. And I have used them all. There’s a reason so many people are still using it. Rock solid. Clearly Mavericks has its issues. Many. I’m hopeful that Apple can get back to those days of a great platform again. And don’t get me going about ProTools. Now there’s a real disaster. And that’s what professionals use to make a living. There really is no alternative. The new owners are destroying a great product. Frightening.

    1. Viva Snow Leopard! It runs and runs without a hiccough. It runs old, orphaned PowerPC programs under Rosetta. With Sheepshaver, it runs Mac Classic OS 7.5.5 (and and assortment of still older programs and their entombed data where no file converter works). And with Bootcamp, it runs OSes like Windows XT Pro and special medical applications not available for the Mac.

      It runs them all.

      I have all of this. Only on 10.6. Viva Snow Leopard!

      BTW, some people generate business data that simply must be accessible no matter what. Not everyone has the luxury of “getting into” Macs only recently; some of us have been at it for a while.

      1. yep, just ordered mine on dvd. direct from mr. apple. seems to have taken them a bit aback, as the sales lady asked a number of questions as to why i was making this purchase.

        what can i say, – other than that i am an anachronism in my own time – except to echo what was said above. there is MUCH to be said for backwards compatibility – just ask mr. NASA – they have tons of data from the original apollo and earlier space missions that they can no longer access because they no longer possess the ancient computer technology upon which the data was stored. (something they do not like to advertise)

        plus i just like it better than later iterations. now i have a hard copy on disk not just what came loaded on my old mbp and i can replace the 10.8 that came on a more recent mbp.

        1. Indeed. NASA comes to mind whenever I write about Snow Leopard’s ability to provide backwards compatibility to access old data.

          I have an old 27-inch iMac where I paid for the BTO i7 processor upgrade. When I run my Cobalt ray-tracing software, it hogs all eight threads to 100%. I used it to create ” rel=”nofollow”>this ray tracing of the International Prototype Kilogram used on various-langauge Wikipedias.

          I have Little Snitch, which is all anyone really needs to detect and block any malware or trojans.

          I also have FruitMenu, which gives me a customizable  menu.

          Finally, I have PopCopy, which is a multi-clipboard.

          The combination of all the above makes my Snow Leopard-based Mac a powerhouse content-authoring machine. The poor slouches here at my work who have to create complex Word docs using Windows-based laptops—even after I’ve worked here for over a year—still don’t understand how pitiful their authoring tools are.

          When I show them how I can boot into (or run as a virtual machine) absolutely anything, they give me a look of “You must be from the Big City!”

    2. Screw ProTools! It is THE most overpriced High Maintenance Bitch of DAWs. Screw AVID too. What they did to Wizoo and even M-Audio was criminal.
      I read somewhere that they’re losing money had over fist these days. KARMA!

      1. Yeah I’m with you, Avid really has messed things up. But it’s not like professionals are going to start using GarageBand. It’s ProTools. It is what it is. It’s the best. There have been some patches lately for the issues with ProTools but I’m still not happy. It would be nice to see someone make a good run at ProTools. But the pro market is very, very small compared to the consumer market. But check out Avid’s own website feedback. Unbelievable! Hundreds and hundreds of people complaining. And these aren’t amateurs, these are professionals. They’re not complaining over some small issue. It’s how they make a living.

        1. Hah! I use Digital Performer 7.24 on Snow Leopard. Rock Freaking Solid. A studio running ProTools pretty much needs a full time tech to keep things running. I think a lot of ProTools advocates are suffering from the same Stockholm Syndrome that Windows users suffer from.

    1. Lost my 06 iMac due to power problems. Got a new mid-11 or so new one. When a firmware update prevented me from loading Snow Leopard on it, I ended up just getting an external hard drive, loading Snow Leopard on it, and have been using it ever since.

  2. NeoOffice requires a purchase under Mavricks, but was totally free under SL. VirtualBox has worked under Mav, without a hitch (and update was free).

    Outside of needing PPC based apps, and not wanting iCloud connected to ur Mac… It’s good to go to Mav

  3. Snow Leopard remains the best OS X. It’s clean, classy, and void of the fluff that Apple has added since. Maps, App Nap, Notifications, Tabs, iCloud integration, broken Mail, … all that crap is low value, practically zero productivity improvement compared to 3rd party stuff that one could always use with 10.6.

    Mavericks broke as much as it “fixed”, and it’s ugly flat grey.

  4. Last week I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mavericks on my early 2008 iMac. Although I liked some of the features it ran about half as fast as SL. Took twice as long to open Firefox or Safari, at least twice as long to open Word, etc. There is a limit to the amount of memory I can install. Fortunately, I could do a full recovery from Time Machine backups which reinstalled SL, which is great. I’ll wait until I have to replace my computer before upgrading.

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