Apple bringing full-screen video iAds to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

“Coming to an iPad near you: iAds that look a lot like TV ads,” Tim Peterson reports for Advertising Age. “Apple will roll out new video iAds this year that will automatically play full-screen within iPhone and iPad apps, according to people with knowledge of Apple’s plans. Currently someone has to click a mobile banner for a brand’s video iAd to play.”

“The people described these new video ads as ‘interstitials,’ suggesting that they’ll interrupt whatever someone is doing in app,” Peterson reports. “More likely the ads will play at moments of transition, like after completing a game’s level or finishing an article.”

“One person said Apple may sell the units through its ad exchange that quietly rolled out ‘a couple weeks ago,'” Peterson reports. “Apple has proven recently that it can get big-budget brands to open their wallets. A handful of marketers wrote checks for up to $10 million to become iTunes Radio launch sponsors last year. Those advertisers are already familiar with Apple-run full-screen video ads — albeit ones limited to the company’s streaming music service. For now.”

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  1. This is one specific reason why the MacBook Air is the vastly superior device to the iPad. Apple continues to degrade its iOS user experience into that of a crappy website or, worse, to a cable TV experience. For what, Apple? Are you running short of cash? Are you having problems attracting app developers? Why are you wasting iOS users’ time?

    Pathetic. iAds have always sucked. Now they suck bigger. Apps should be limited-use free trial and then purchased, zero ads on iOS whatsoever. That would broadcast to the world that Apple actually cares about the end user experience. This move declares the opposite.

    With the recent moves like this, Apple just gives one more to a long list of reasons why jailbreaking iOS is really a compelling choice. If Apple listened to its users, there would not need to be a vibrant jailbreak community at all.

    1. IOW: When I run into full-screen automatic-ads, I dump the source and go elsewhere. NOT acceptable.

      A couple months ago I ranted at MacWorld for shoving automatic-ads, Samsung ads not less, at MacWorld readers. I made it clear I’d be dropping my MacWorld subscription if they didn’t stop. They stopped. I hope this report is either rubbish or Apple relents, because I don’t put up with customer abuse, such as this.

  2. Note to Apple, ISPs, web portals, data miners, spies (government and for profit) and all other interested parties:
    Since when should people be expected to be subjected to send endless and ever expanding and ever more intrusive barrage of advertising and marketing bullshit when we bought the device, pay for the internet connection, buy the apps or subscribe (paid) to get the content?

    I Hate Advertising on TV AND Online.
    I hate effing advertising online and will NOT tolerate it on programs (apps).
    I will delete any app that pipes one single ad on my screen.
    I will pay money to be free from ads but will NOT pay money for their intrusion.
    The quickest way to turn me against a product is to aggressively put it into my paid magazine, newspaper, music stream (iTunes Radio, for example), or on video content. I will close the window or delete the app.

    Did I mention how much I hate advertising- especially online?

    If this is true it will be the kiss of death. Online sites should charge subscriptions and remove ads.

    The push for app ads is spillover from the shit world of Android and the ad supported bullshit that exists over in Google Play. Apple should ban apps that do ads- seriously.

    1. Absolutely agree! iAds? IBeacon?

      No way, never! Va fan culo! Fous moi la paix! Kyj an ayr, mata! Or as the Americans are (allegedly) wont to say, go take a flying fcuk at a rolling donut!

  3. treating me like some po dumb jerk that just fell off a turnip truck and interrupting what I want to do with what somebody else wants me to buy is so windows and android . i pay apple premium to buy me out of that sort of experience i can’t believe apple would do that to me . yuucccchhhhh!

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