Dalrymple: Nope, a new Apple TV isn’t on its way

“For the next week, customers who buy an Apple TV at one of the tech giant’s retail stores will reportedly receive a $25 iTunes gift card as part of a promotion that could signal a new Apple TV is on its way,” Salvador Rodriguez reports for The Los Angeles Times.

Full article here.

To which, The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple responds, “Nope.”

Full, albeit exceedingly brief, article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, youse who’s got your hopes up, fuggedaboutit. Capiche?

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    1. Thank you Tim Cook. That war on Global Warming is winning. It is about 4 degrees out here in Cleveland, Lake Erie is 100% frozen over, another huge cold storm is headed this way, children are being found frozen to death outside in Minnesota, record cold weather is all across America. And Apple did it. Not that Global Warming has been beaten, I have a request for Tim Cook. Could you now focus on the awful Global Cooling? It is killing us out here. You really screwed this pooch. Your GW tactics turned the thermometer back way too far. How stupid are you? Did you and Al Gore really decide you had a better grip on the temperature than God? Better take a look at iOS security once more before you go thinking you are smarter than the one that created the planet.

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            1. Some people have locked themselves into a viewpoint and only accept inputs that reinforce that viewpoint. Their minds are closed and nothing that you do or say can change their opinions in any meaningful way.

              MDN has its own subset of these people. Their political agenda is rigid, their FOV is narrow, and their debating skills are generally quite juvenile. If you get some joy out of it, go ahead and “spar” with them. But it is truly a waste of time.

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        2. Yeah, it was the warmest month using the hockey stick team’s “adjusted” numbers. These guys don’t release their raw data and verifiable procedures. They cherry pick data. Sometimes they don’t even know what data they used. They threaten to destroy data before they will let others find it. They corrupt the peer review process. In short, they “hide the decline.”
          All of this was shown with the leaked emails. These guys aren’t scientists; they are snake oil salesmen.

    2. That is correct, George…under Cook,  has ceased to be the world innovator, the pride of American ingenuity. He has single-handedly reduced it to a nauseatingly bland panderer to the “trendy cause célèbre-of-the-week.” Didn’t take long either, too bad.

  1. When Jim says ‘Nope,’ that means the event does not figure in the upcoming extravaganza. Only that. He implies nothing about the creative landscape after that point in time.

    1. What rogifan said. If you read on Jim’s site what he was actually saying “Nope” to, you’ll see Rogifan is correct. Jim didn’t say no Apple TV in the near future, he was referring to the $25 off that ends on March 5 not meaning that a new Apple TV is coming in the next few weeks.

      So, the headline of this story is wrong.


  2. I don’t think Dalrymple knows anything more than anyone else. With Apple’s recent escalation of secrecy it would be crazy for him to be getting information and possibly a sting operation.
    So, “Meh”. Just another guy who wants to be in the know but isn’t.

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