How Apple products are dominating in law offices across North America

“Legal practice management software company Clio has just released the latest results of a survey it calls ‘Apple In Law Offices,’ detailing the use of Apple devices in law firms across North America,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac.

“The 2013 survey marked a considerable increase in Apple adoption — with a 10% leap in both office Mac OS usage (from 56% in 2012 to 66% last year), and iPad usage (from 57% to 67%), while iPhone usage spiked 12% to 74% (while Android and Blackberry both saw decreases in law firm usage compared to global adoption rates),” Dormehl reports. “52% of respondents stated that they chose Apple products because the technology was more reliable and secure, while the benefit of usability followed next at 28%.
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  1. Microsoft and its PC building partners are getting squeezed here, what is surprising is that this is a word and excel domination, now apple is pushing in, very embarrassing for Microsoft

    1. My patent attorney moved to Mac after I did my initial presentation to him and the artist he hires couldn’t get the legal office printer to print. I imported the documents into my MacBook and wirelessly printed it over WiFi without problems.

  2. While I have enjoyed using Apple products for over 20 years, I have 2 lawyers in the family who swear by windows and androids. From what I can see they have become near software engineers to keep things moving. As a former engineer, I found it better to focus on solving problems rather than debugging programs and hardware incompatibilities.

  3. In 1985 I took a MacPlus into my office for full-time use, and pioneered connecting it to a central computer the office had installed earlier with dumb terminals everywhere. It worked like a charm. I used later editions there as well for as long as I was with that firm, and with later firms and solo work as a city attorney later. Now that I’m retired, I’m using the latest Mac mini souped up with fastest CPU, most graphic, most SSD memory. Works like a charm.

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