Apple’s failure to pay for favorable media coverage flies in the face of Samsung’s payola

“Slanted media reports targeting Apple appear to be directly connected to the company’s failure to pay for more favorable coverage in the model of Samsung. It doesn’t appear to be affecting Apple’s sales or profits, however,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The close relationship between Android licensees like Samsung and journalists covering the consumer electronics industry has grown increasingly sketchy. During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, non other than the Associated Press inked a deal with Samsung that allowed the Korean conglomerate to tweet out sponsored messages as part of the official Associated Press news stream. CNET reportedly accepted funds from both Samsung and Microsoft to republish and promote positive reviews of their products, including a gushing CNET ‘editor’s choice’ that called Samsung’s Galaxy S4 the ‘everything phone for (almost) everyone,'” Dilger reports. “Samsung even operates a ‘Samsung Mobilers’ program that selects twenty top bloggers each year and treats them like reporters, giving them official Samsung endorsements and even payments for positive product reviews. The company was investigated for using its ‘partner’ bloggers to slanderously denigrate products from other vendors and eventually forced to pay fines.”

“It appears that Apple’s Tim Cook is not only choosing to spend his company’s money with more integrity, but is also doing so more effectively,” Dilger reports. “While Samsung pushed 68 percent more phone shipments (unofficial numbers say 86 million phones, versus Apple’s 51 million iPhones) and spent much more on advertising and promotion, Apple earned nearly twice as much money in the quarter.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote just last week:

Samsung is a thoroughly despicable outfit. If we ever get to the Soylent Green stage, Samsung will be the cabal churning it out.

It disgusts us on a daily basis that Apple still does business any business at all with Samsung.

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    1. Apparently you are not familiar with the Corporation of the United States of America. It has been trying to take down the competition for some time and has targeted Apple Corporation as an enemy of the state due to non-participation with its intelligence strong-arm.

  1. Like the dozens of fake Apple web sites with the hundreds of fake members writing hundreds of fake articles with self praise and removing any comment not in favour of Apple. Yea, theres hundreds of them. with 12.5% of the world market Apples shifty days are numbered.

  2. If Apple was caught paying for favorable coverage on anything it would be #1 story on the web for a week and still spoken about for months but samsung does it regularly and its just business as usual.
    Samsungs’ factories are causing cancer in workers and it hardly makes a blip in the news but we hear about the poor conditions of factories that make iPhone like its Apples fault

  3. It must be nice to have such influence in-country. When foreigners criticize your practices, you just straight-up deny; when it happens within your borders, you just lean on the source and squash it. The majority of the tech press seems to equate Samsung with innovation for some bizarre reason. Maybe it has something to do with that payola.

    Contrast that to what Apple has to put up with in this country. The tech press takes turns trying to kick them in the balls for pageviews and the California circuit court has yet to force Samsung to pay out any portion of the billion dollar verdict pronounced over a year ago, nor have they enforced one single sales ban.

    It’s no wonder Apple doesn’t want to repatriate any of its overseas cash. I’d tell they country to GFY too.

  4. I actually have been told by people, friends & associates that they would never buy an iPhone because its made in China. So I asked, what did you get instead. Samsung, because I heard they employ Americans and want to build the products here in the US.

    Yes my jaw hit the floor. This is the Power of Samsung media payola…target the unsuspecting public.

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