Mac users four times more engaged than Windows users

“Mac users are almost four times more likely to upgrade to the latest edition of their OS in comparison with Windows users, with nearly a quarter of the most engaged users of both platforms now using OS X Mavericks,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Apple users are more engaged in their platform — they are almost four times more likely to upgrade to the latest OS,” Evans writes. “This advantage surely contributes to Apple’s leadership position in mobile devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Same story as iOS vs. fragmandroid.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a windoze user or an andriod user say : “How’d you do that?!” In utter amazement and bewilderment, i’d have a few thousand extra shares of AAPL…

    1. Have a business acquaintance who is still on a Windows XP machine and scarred to death he will have to finally “learn a new Windows OS”.

      The fear factor is a major deterrent, born of long experience.

      1. I have a client running XP too, but on a Mac with VMWare Fusion. After looking into buying three copies of Windows 7 for his three Mac’s, he decided to change course. Turned out, he was running Window’s to run QuickBooks. So now instead, he’s just going to get QuickBooks for Mac and dump Windows. DOW!

  2. Big surprise. People that choose to invest more time and money onto a computer so it will be abetter experience for them are more willing to upgrade software that is designed to improve the experience.

    Alternatively, people that get whatever software will adequately cover their needs for the least money possible will not spend more money to make the experience more confusing with the newest windows thingy that costs half the price of the computer again.

  3. I’m very engaged, but …

    I don’t always upgrade instantly as the real world cost in time and uncertainties and need to be able to reboot on the “old system” makes it very time consuming.

  4. Upgrading Windows is a nightmare for starters.

    Who wants to jump feet first into the latest MS vision of dystopia when you finally learned all the reg hacks and tweaks to make the last one semi-tolerable?

    Every die hard Windows user knows you wait until they EOL the version of windows you currently or only make the move after service pack 1!

  5. It’s understandable. At work we recently purchased a cheap Windows laptop since we need to complete some on-line certificates which are tied to Internet Explorer. Whenever we boot the thing up it starts downloading updates before you get a chance to do anything. The last episode took over 3 hours to update itself with over 80 (!) updates and this is on Win8 which they would have you believe is an improvement in the user experience. I beg to differ.

  6. I think their explanation is a little off. In reality, my Windows-sufferer friends tell me that they never upgrade or change anything because right now it’s all working. They feel that if they change something, anything, they’ll break their computer. The most adventuresome of them dare to install FireFox, but that’s about the limit of it. Mac users do not have this as a general experienced and just go ahead and install the update. Many of us do it on the first day without fear.

    1. Beginning with Lion, Apple’s software updates haven’t been anywhere near the quality they once were. Saying Apple’s software quality assurance has taken a nose dive in recent years would be an understatement.

  7. That’s mostly due to cost, and also ease of transfer. Windows updates cost about $200 for the least expensive one and when you upgrade a Windows operating system, it empties the hard drive, so you have to back it up ahead of time. Mac on the other hand, leaves every program and file as was earlier and it costs considerably less. Also, Mac OS X doesn’t change the UI like Windows.

    1. Unless you are doing a full wipe and re-install you can usually always “upgrade” an existing install of windows.

      That is not to say that doing the upgrade is a good idea. I generally feel the wipe and start over approach is best myself!

  8. Q: Why are Mac users so willing to upgrade their OS?

    A: Because they don’t have to be afraid that Apple’s latest OS rendition is going to screw them over, damaging their productivity and creativity. It’s just gonna work.

    Windows ME <-BURNED
    Vista <-BURNED
    Windows 8.whatever <-BURNED

  9. “nearly a quarter of the most engaged users of both platforms now using OS X Mavericks”

    Both platforms? A quarter of the most engaged WINDOWS users are now using Mavericks? I don’t think so. Somebody needs to see a sub-editor.

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