“Apple’s new operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 7, hasn’t even been out for 24 hours and it already has a higher adoption rate than Google’s latest Android operating system, called Jelly Bean 4.3, which launched in July,” Steve Kovach reports for Business Insider.

“According to Google’s own analytics, fewer than 0.1% of Android devices are running version 4.3. Even if you include the previous version of Android, version 4.2, only 8.5% of devices have it. Android 4.2 launched in October 2012,” Kovach reports. “iOS 7, which launched around 1 p.m. Eastern on September 18, is already on more than 26% of iOS devices, according to Mixpanel Trends, a third-party platform that tracks iOS and Android data.”

Kovach reports, “Often, Android devices that are a year or so old never get new versions of Android. Meanwhile, iOS 7 supports devices that are up to three years old, like the iPhone 4… ”

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