Smart diaper tells you when it’s time to change your baby

“Imagine this: You’re sitting in your living room watching the season premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’ when suddenly you get a text message from your 2-month-old daughter saying her diaper needs to be changed,” Michael Franco reports for CNET. “No, she’s not a super-smart infant who learned how to text at birth — but her diaper is pretty smart and it knows when it’s wet and needs your help — even if winter is finally coming right this second.”

“That future that might be possible, thanks to a new invention from Takao Someya and a team of researchers at the University of Tokyo,” Franco reports. “This team, in July 2013, announced in the journal Nature that they’d come up with flexible circuits, thinner than a piece of plastic wrap, that could be implanted in the body to monitor body temperature or blood pressure or implanted on the roof of the mouth to be used as a touch pad for quadriplegics.”

iDiaper. Credit: The University of Tokyo
Credit: The University of Tokyo

Franco reports, “Now, they’ve applied their research to a truly worthwhile problem — knowing when a diaper is soiled without having to undress the wearer first.”

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  1. Are you kidding me? So we’re going to not only throw diapers into landfills (we went through our share with our 3 kids), but now we’re going to add precious metals so that we can throw those away too? Because no one is going to peel the tech from a soiled diaper to recycle it.

    BTW, what ever happened to using your nose? Your nose knows.

    1. This article is about “adult” diapers, not infant. Yes, I know it says infant, but no one wants to read an article about nursing homes and adult diapers.

      Babies are not a problem. Our daughter is 5 months old. And, our theory is that if you keep them too clean babies will never learn or want to learn how to hold it and use the toilet.

      Adult diapers are the issue. Having helped out in a nursing home a few times, I can tell you that this technology will be invaluable.

      I think this story would be better received if they simply sated the real reason for the R&D into this installed of avoiding the topic.

  2. I think it would be way cool if the diaper could not only sense the waste but also compost it and let you know when a batch was ready to throw onto your garden. You could grow some vegetables, mash them up, and feed them back to Baby. Just think of the sustainability!

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