Apple must fight back against Google

“Google has stolen all of Apple’s thunder and Apple needs to try and reclaim some of it,” Paul R. La Monica writes for CNNMoney.

“During the past few years, Google (GOOG) has become the most innovative company in the tech industry. It has used its cash to buy extremely interesting startups. The $3.2 billion deal for connected home/Internet of Things (we need a better buzz phrase) hardware company Nest on Monday is just the latest example,” La Monica writes. “Google bought mapping company Waze last year for nearly $1 billion. That could have been a smart deal for Apple (AAPL), given how maligned its map apps are. (To be fair, Apple has also announced several map-related deals in the past year. But none were as splashy as Waze.) And last month, Google announced a flurry of acquisitions in robotics, most notably the purchase of military robot maker Boston Dynamics.”

La Monica writes, “What has Apple done in the past few years? Since Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, the spirit of innovation seems to be gone. Apple has mainly been getting by on product updates that are not all that exciting. Ooh. A smaller iPad! A bigger iPhone! iYawn!”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, so now acquisitions are “innovation?”

The world’s first 64-bit smartphone and tablets. So unexciting. Apple’s iPhone reaping 87.4% of mobile phone profits. Such an underdog.

Hey, Paulie, you desperate hit-whore, by your “logic,” FOX News must fight back against CNN.

As for new product categories in new markets:
• iPhone was released 5 years, 7 months, and 19 days after iPod.
• iPad was released 2 years, 9 months, and 5 days after iPhone.
• Tim Cook has been Apple CEO for 2 years, 5 months, and 22 days.


    1. And just what have Google’s “splashes” done for it? How about dumping Motorola for 1/4 what it bought it for? And none of Google’s “splashes” have done anything for Google itself — Nest will keep making thermostats and smoke detectors, Waze will keep making Waze mapping apps, and no one will really know they are owned by Google.

      Apple bought what, 18 companies this past year? The difference is Apple integrates its acquired tech into its own products, whereas Google just collects things.

        1. Like the cliche definition of insanity of Wikipedia…

          Insanity: (1) Doing the same thing over and over… and over… and over – and expecting a different result. E.g. postings by Ballmer’s left nut on Mac Daily News.

        2. What do you expect from a guy with such a ridiculous user name. I for one couldn’t except the opinions of some moron who chooses such a foul name. Not sure why this guy is even on this forum. He’s always negative and seems to have some half baked stupid agenda against Apple.

          He’s probably some overweight guy in his forties living in his mommy’s basement apartment.

          1. MDN seems to have extremely low standards… or none. A few people’s posts are mostly a mixture of obscenity, abusive name-calling and insults. And yet MDN lets them go on and on and on.

    1. BLN-

      Ignore the naysayer mindless fan droids. Positive star ratings are for the needy clinging mindless.

      They don’t understand one can love their children and constructively cultivate them to be a better person.

      I know you appreciate Apple’s greatness and only want to point out missteps and nudge them to be better … nuff said.

  1. Apple CUSTOMERS are loyal because of the great service and products apple provide, not because it is fashion or it has to have the latest useless gadget. Apple clients are a rare and special breed, they are not just anybody, they are not just nerds or geeks trying to have the latest. They are people trying to accomplish something, they are crazy people trying to change the world.
    Customers like the one who once in a while buy an apple product and that’s it, are just pocket or lose change.
    Google customers are also a special breed, they are poor but they have this compulsion to buy the latest gadget even if they stop feeding their families. Google, you can keep all those customer.
    And for apple.. as long as there are no other company in the world with such an excellent services and great products, apple is pretty safe. No need to hurry products, or “innovate more quickly, or fight or what ever.

  2. Google has apparent thunder in the eyes of the media, but Apple still has the real thunder in terms of sales of its coveted products to discerning customers creating real revenue and profits that dwarf Google’s.

  3. Once one of the mole’s robots peeps into someone’s window to show them an ad, people will hopefully wake up to their ways.
    It’ll also be great when soldiers are running their stuff and Google Glass pops up and says Hey, we just created a hangout in the field you’re in.

  4. Yep they bought Motorola and how people creamed themselves over that master stroke and now keep quiet as it is sold for a pittance. As for maps it’s Apples that is innovative despite its hiccups and it wasn’t long ago we were hearing that despite. Few gaps it was becoming a better experience than Googles user unfriendly mess. Buying companies in a scatter gun approach is not innovative or beneficial in itself its what you do with them that counts and so far Google fall well short there as compared to Apple.

  5. It’s no wonder CNN is going down the tubes. They just ditched CNN Latino and could not make it work. I read an article by former CNN host Larry King who said that CNN should air the “Spongebob Squarepants” show.

    They’re not quite as bias as the looney lefties at MSNBC, but they’re catching up!

    1. if you or MacDailyNews are going to bring up the topic of media bias, go to websites which have documented history on this. Documented means video or screenshots of bias, plus documentation of alternative points of view. A Mac site with a 1-sentence shot against somebody or something is a slimey way to insult intelligent discussion. If u want to slime somebody, …. u had better be more prepared than the shallowest of 1-sentence “discourse.” Which is to say — you were prepared to be stupid and u showed it in writing.

      1. What a slimey way to insult someone for their opinion.

        An opinion you obviously dislike, but nowhere in responding do you disagree because you cannot refute the truth.

        Practice what you preach, mate. Before telling strangers what to do and how to think.

  6. Apple’s 64 bit chip and fingerprint sensor is the most important breakthrough in phones last year.

    the MacPro was a the biggest breakthrough in PCs.

    so Apple won the phone and PC crowns last year, that’s lack of innovation?

    The problem with apple is not lack of innovation but lack of fight from Apple’s P.R department. Apple has not been able to ‘spin’ as good as Google.

    Notice that Apple has not run a single ad touting it’s fingerprint sensor or the speed the 64 chip gives vs rival phones. (it hasn’t shown for example how the iPhone running some graphic 3D game blowing some cheap android out of the water etc. ).

    It hasn’t shown how OSX is better than turd Windows 8 (no mac ads for at least five years).
    As I said before if apple P.R and marketing doesn’t improve, rivals are going to mislead the public including clueless writers and the stock will tank and apple top brass will have to waste time with Icahn and spend billions on buybacks…

  7. This guy is great fodder for Macalope. Garbage from another useless supposed tech writer that knows virtually nothing about the tech industry. Why was this article even posted here?

    The Google bubble will burst, and when it does, it will make the Hindenburg explosion look like a party balloon pop. Unfortunately, when it goes, it will drag a lot of other stuff down with it. Google stock P/E is over 32.

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