Square lands 2nd huge client: Whole Foods to use Square’s iPad cash registers

Square “has signed a deal to put its iPad-based payment systems inside Whole Foods Market grocers in the U.S., where they’ll be used at counters that sell ready-to-consume products — from pizza and sandwiches to coffee, beer and wine — as a supplement to the conventional checkouts at the front of the store,” Harry McCracken reports for TIME.

“Customers will be able to pay with credit and debit cards, cash and, in some locations, by using the Square Wallet smartphone app,” McCracken reports. “The idea is to expedite things both for people making a quick purchase from one of these venues and for those who are at the checkouts with a cartful of groceries.”

McCracken reports, “The agreement is Square’s second with a high-profile national retailer, after its 2012 partnership with Starbucks.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” and “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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  1. All those cash registers running versions of XP will soon visiting the landfill. Another nail in the MS coffin. Pretty soon Microsoft will need a bigger coffin because we are running out of places to pound nails into it.

  2. They’re going to regret that decision in about 4 months when iOS 8 is debuted with mobile payments and an sdk that lets anyone anywhere use any other iOS device to give or receive payments.

  3. Shouldn’t this be the type of thing Apple should be doing? Sending sales reps out to various companies showing iPhone/iPad solutions on how to improve their business. It’s nice that Square is helping to sell iPads, but Apple should have a corporate division that does that directly. When I worked in IT I would set up appoints to speak with various sales reps to show what their products could do for me and some of those sales reps could get rather aggressive at times with follow up calls. I’m only saying I believe Apple could do quite a bit more instead of just sitting back and taking revenue hits.

    1. Hey, are you one of those IT “doofus’s” that we always talk about regarding Windows vs OSX in the corporate world? You should write a confessions book….believe me it would be best seller. A kind of “tell all” about how you guys chose a worse system to guarantee your future job. I am serious, in case you think I jest. I would buy one straight away…..you could become quite rich.

    2. “I’m only saying I believe Apple could do quite a bit more instead of just sitting back and taking revenue hits.”

      Statements like this make no sense at all, as far as I can see. Apple sells iPhones and iPads as fast as they can have them made. They are the biggest company on the planet – or is it second, at the moment? They are hardly “sitting back” or taking “revenue hits”.

  4. I was just at a Dairy Queen that used iPads as cash registers. It is a turn-key system that includes an iPad in a plexiglass holder, cash box, credit/debit card machine and custom software.

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