“While the benefits for Apple and consumers are clear, the iPad Mini is a trickier proposition for marketers looking to use the device to enhance digital connections with their customers,” Andrew Solmssen writes for ClickZ.

“The iPad Mini isn’t a completely new category in the way the original iPad was, but it will be a new sub-category (though the small tablet trail was blazed by Kindle and Android, it’s not legit until Apple enters the race), and any time there is a new market, there is opportunity,” Solmssen writes. “The big change, of course, is the size. Much more portable than its bigger sibling iPad, the Mini’s smaller size allows us to introduce digital experiences to a variety of situations where they haven’t been seen before.”

Solmssen writes, “For businesses, the Mini allows a point-of-sale to be put anywhere. Think of airlines being able to send reps into long lines of customers to start the check-in process or Starbucks employees taking orders on the move. Imagine a waiter taking an order on a Mini and having it go straight to the kitchen. It can then be dropped in an apron without a second thought. For inventory-taking and factory workers, it’s an easy one-handed device that allows for more multi-tasking while using it… Perhaps the biggest advantage for marketers is that the Mini is also going to allow consumers to bring tablets with them in situations where today they do not. We’ll be much more likely to slip the Mini into a bag, so there is a greater chance it will be on hand.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GetMeOnTop” for the heads up.]