Woz: I never said Apple should make an Android phone

“When my colleague Brian Burgess sent me an email this morning with a link to a Wired article asserting that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thought Apple should make an Android phone, it sounded funny to me,” Gina Smith reports for aNewDomain.

“It sounded wrong. So I called Steve Wozniak, with whom I penned his biography iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It. Steve emphatically told me that the press had the story ‘wrong,'” Smith reports. “In an email to me, Steve said, ‘They got it quite wrong for their own reasons … I’m used to things like this, (where the media turns) ‘could’ into ‘should.’ But the idea caught a lot of attention. It was just (my) independent idea … I’m sure others have said it before but I get more attention …'”

Woz continued, “‘I did say Apple ‘could’ make an Android phone. But I (said) total business decisions would be in the hands of knowledgeable Apple execs — not me,'” Smith reports. “In addition, says Steve, ‘I questioned how much this would compete with the iPhone business.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As always, we love Woz!

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    1. Have you ever been interviewed for a news article? I have been interviewed several times, and reporters will misquote you every time. I don’t know if they just don’t understand the material, or they intentionally attempt to make things sound bigger and more dramatic than they actually are in real life. But your only chance of having a reasonably accurate article published is to have the right of pre-publishing review so that you can submit corrections. Even then, some of the errors are going to make it through the process.

      I don’t doubt Woz when he claims that he said “could” rather than “should.” And he is right – Apple could build Android phones – not Google Android, but forked Android designed to work with iOS functions like The App Store, Game Center, iCloud, Apple Maps, etc. Apple could subvert Android at its very core. But should Apple do it? Probably not, especially if that would force Apple to pay royalties to Microsoft. But it sure would be a slap in Google’s face. Just thinking about it makes me a little happier.

      1. Exactly!!!

        Reporters always have the entire angle for their story thought up in advance. Then they seek to interview people who will corroborate their angle. If they don’t get the exact answers they were looking for, they’ll twist the quote to fit the story.

        Practically every single time I was interviewed for print media, something was quoted wrong. About the only time this would NOT happen is when I’m interviewed on camera (can’t quite twist words there, beyond taking snippets out of context).

        I’m pretty sure Woz didn’t need to do any back-pedalling; he was just misquoted, as it usually happens with everyone.

      2. True! My sister refuses to do interviews unless she can read what’s written before it’s printed. She was misquoted and all these people were ticked and it was again one of those twist to fit things. Reporters no longer care about accuracy, they deal in sensationalism.

      3. The issue with Wozniak that he is loose cannon and he has history of saying totally random and outrageous things. So even if he did not really say anything nonsensical this time, the belief that it was possible was fully reasonable.

    2. just because you judgmentally say something in a knee jerk way doesn’t make it true. Woz didn’t back pedal, he was misquoted and he has the right to set the record straight.

    1. Yeah because it makes so much sense to even broach or get anywhere near the could/should subject of Apple making an Android phone which would signal total defeat, turning over their future to Google and the stock nose diving & crashing. Oh yeah, let’s all go there!

      1. “even broach or get anywhere near the could/should subject of Apple making an Android phone which would signal total defeat”

        Not defeat, but a bizarre, possibly brain-damaged, totally inconsistent business strategy. But then again, Woz was never really a business guy.

      1. And fairly recent LA-speak, at that. I never heard the usage while I was growing up in the LA area in the 50s and 60s; it was “take 101 to 405 to …” back then.

  1. Woz should just shut up and go back to work! He could supervise the secret Apple dungeon number 1 that develops the new warp drive and time travel. Tim gives him 500 million for 5 years and tells Icahnnot to shut up. >:(

  2. But I thought Apple started to make Android phones? They just rebranded Android as iOS 7. iOS 7 is just as ugly and glitchy as Android, so ol’ Wozzie Bear might be onto something.

    1. BLN posing as Floyd.

      Remember Floyd? The bartender in the movie, The Shining?

      Remember BLN? One of three victims, in Ballmer’s decision to become a eunuch?

      Hey Left nut roll your ass in here and say something… h’head say something you hairless bast’d

      1. WTF? Do you see govt. conspiracies under every rock? He (Floyd) has his own views regarding iOS 7 and I have mine. It so happens that our views coincide that iOS 7 is really badly executed UI.

        So what of it? iOS 7 does suck or else Woz would not have suggested Apple run Android on its iPhones. He (Woz) must have confused the suckiness of Android with iOS 7.

        1. No it isn’t. It’s no worse than iOS 6, only the colours make a significant difference, most aspects of the UI, that’s ‘User Interface’, I find few differences in, and the changes I do notice are for the better. The only snivelling I see from the usual little girls is about the bright colours and the font. Well, change the font, and wait for the next upgrade when the colours will darken.
          In the meantime stop whining, it’s very, very boring.

            1. –We don’t care about your brainless opinions.–
              Shut up, go away and buy a PC, then you can whine on the Dull forums to your heart’s content.
              Here you’re just a waste of bandwidth, with nothing but BS to say.

  3. Yes, Woz lives outside the box. “It was just (my) independent idea”.

    Yes, the press takes objective observations and turns them into subjective statements.

    I’m still a bit shaky about how innocent Woz can be regarding something as sick and twisted as Android. And yet, weeds grow in the garden. Pull that idea.

  4. I wish I had 1/10 of Woz’s technical knowledge – even that amount would make me a wiz, but much as I admire what he’s done and respect him from afar, he should just keep quiet sometimes.
    …now that I think about it, that’s probably good advice for all of us – especially me. Just ask my wife. 🙂

    1. Woz hasn’t done anything meaningful since the early 80’s. He helped get Apple started, and then decided to fade off into the background. Since Apple’s rebirth starting in 1997, it became entirely Steve Jobs’ company. It was the iMac, and NeXT technology, not Woz’s technology that brought Apple back. Wozniak was just a bystander to it all.

  5. The fact that he runs is mouth about what Apple “could do”, “should do”, etc. is still annoying. Wozniak needs to shut the hell up. He’s irrelevant, and has been since the Macintosh launched 30 years ago. Wozniak was very important in the early days of personal computing, but what has he done since then? What has he contributed? Nothing. It’s really tiring that he finds it necessary to yammer on about things he knows nothing about, and it’s annoying that people still pay attention to what he says. Let him say what he wants, but it’s all just a ploy to get attention. I’ve been an Apple customer since 1986, so I am certainly not a newcomer dissing one of the Apple founders without any knowledge of his contributions. On the contrary… I know what Wozniak contributed early on, and I also know that he has made zero contributions to Apple since the Apple II.

    1. Agreed on all counts. Plus — I always thought it was weird that he named his book “iWoz” when he had absolutely nothing to do with any i-product. A guy who made legitimate early contributions does not need to try to associate himself with things that happened long after his time.

  6. So it turns out that it was Wired that crafted the Appleroid remark out of Woz’s words, creating a sure-fire attention grabber for itself. Slickly done.

    Barely altering “could” to “should” moved a bland technical discussion into higher-octane Journo/platform war territory. And Wired had built-in plausible deniability disguised as misunderstanding, should Woz plead misinterpretation.

    This I can believe.

    1. Right. And this is why I refuse to read Wired. They have long since forgotten how to be real journalists. That being said… News organizations report what Wozniak says precisely because they know it will stir up Apple fans. Lately, Woz has said some very moronic things that show he hasn’t the slightest bit understanding of how a successful technology company should be ran. Being a hacker who fashioned together a simple computer in the late 70’s that helped launch the personal computing industry does not make him an expert on anything that Apple is currently doing. There is nothing that is built into the Mac, or any iOS device that came from Wozniak.

  7. Once again, Woz gets near a microphone, says something stupid, gets called names on the internet, and then backpedals.

    So just so we’re all on the same page, it would be F-ing INSANE for Apple to actually produce a phone that wasn’t running iOS, yes? Right Woz? Right?

    It’s a pretty simple question. You’re not actually suggesting Apple make a device that locks users into the Google Play store, right? Of course not.

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