New version of North Korea’s state-sanctioned Red Star Linux closely resembles Apple’s OS X for Mac

“If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, might the folks in Cupertino be pleased when they see the latest version of North Korea’s home-grown operating system?” Martyn Williams reports for IDG News Service.

MacDailyNews Take: Does Apple seem pleased with Android?

“Version 3.0 of Red Star Linux presents users with a radical refresh of its desktop design, one that closely resembles Mac OS X,” Williams reports. “The new look replaces the Windows 7-like desktop that was used in version 2.0 of the software.”

MacDailyNews Take: Even Kim Jong-un knows Windows isn’t worth mimicking.

“The Korea Computer Center (KCC), a major software development center in Pyongyang, began developing Red Star about a decade ago. Version 2 is 3 years old and version 3 appears to have been released in the middle of last year,” Williams reports. “While most North Koreans are restricted from accessing the Internet, many can get access to a nationwide intranet through universities and public libraries. The intranet offers websites for domestic institutions and is heavily skewed towards offering information, educational materials such as PDF versions of books and scientific papers, and government propaganda.”

Williams reports, “Red Star Linux includes a web browser based on Mozilla that has been re-branded ‘Naenara,’ or ‘My country.'”

Read more, and see the screenshot, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


    1. After looking at the linked article’s screenshots, we now have confirmation that it’s not only South Koreans who are shameless copiers; no, it is indeed all Koreans who are incapable of independent innovation.

      Don’t like the statement? The facts speak louder than any words of denial or political correctness ever will.

        1. Yeah, innovating new ways to steal other company’s ideas.
          I have been to SK plenty of times and there isn’t an original (modern) idea to be seen anywhere. All the cars are various frankenstein compilations of other not-Korean cars. Even the names of their new Tech Regions are ridiculous “Silicon Gulch” anyone?

          1. Could be you’re making the classic mistake of travelers the world over: confronted with a profoundly different environment you focus on the familiar and not knowing what you are overlooking through ignorance, conclude there is little to be seen. Try living in Korea for several years, outside the English-speaking community and you might just see things differently.

      1. I’m old enough to remember when exactly the same remarks were made about Japanese industry. Then, as with your remarks just now, they were a statement of “fact” (actually just xenophobia disguised as fact). We’re still trying to catch up with Toyota and Honda.

  1. All hail the peace-loving, democratic socialist people’s glorious, revolutionary operating system. Created by Kim Jong Un, this operating system will rise up and smash the miserable, inferior gravy-sucking capitalist Android and Windows systems, liberating the oppressed masses from toiling under the hegemony and yoke of cruelty in computing. With our superior operating system, final victory is within our grasp!

  2. At least the Korean Peninsula has more innovation than both peninsulas of Michigan. I’d rather have a Hyundai or even a Kia rather than a Ford or Chevy. Ever since the 1970s, it seemed like all talent left that state for good. Thankfully, I only lived there in my childhood, and we moved to the Minneapolis area when I was in 5th grade. While it is sad that Michigan is experiencing a ‘brain drain’ at the moment, it’s not surprising. And Google opening some offices in Ann Arbor…well…at least it’s not Samsung…

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